Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stuntin' like My Daddy...

They start so young, don't they? So Numero Uno goes out for a drive/walk (he's driving, Hubby's walking) with his favorite person in the world - Daddy. And let me tell you, that Ford truck of his is the best gift we ever got for our car crazy young'un, with its REAL battery and speeds, up to (watch out now!) 3 MPH. He looks for a car in every book, magazine or commercial he watches. He makes pretend cars from Lego and playdoh. He eats, sleeps with
and collects little die-cast cars. So you can see why this his own real life car that he got for his second birthday, is definitely one of his favorite things. Like in life.
So why did my heart just about break when I heard he said to his daddy, after their drive/walk, "I'm gonna park my car now." And he promptly executed a perfect parking maneuver, in between our two cars? Oh, my son, my heart doth burst with love for thee. Just don't grow up to fast please - I mean, what's next? Potty training? {Gasp}

Mom of a diaper wearing driver, pp

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