Monday, March 7, 2016

Why are you here?

My late Father could ask that question in a way that would make you debate your very existence on earth. Like for real, Lord, why am I here? You would forget your rehearsed manifesto and acknowledge defeatedly that you most probably had no good reason for being wherever you were, in that moment.

Today, I'm addressing the critics of social media junkies (I happen to be a card carrying member- hello!):

It's been discussed countless times, outright or with disdainful insinuations.  What makes social media junkies tick?

We must (be):

Self absorbed
Have low self esteem
Need validation from strangers
Have no friends in real life - this made me chuckle
Be ugly- ha!
Have nothing better to do

I won't even debate the above, but let me throw the question back to you, non-social media junkie, that might agree with the above - OR- the proud non social media junkie that eschews posting or commenting or liking any post- but still yet knows a SM junkie's every single move?

Are you a:

Hater - ha!
Not confident
Low self esteem having
Non innovative
Secret Fan?

I didn't think so. So, again I ask- why are you here?

Don't forget to secretly subscribe before you leave!

*Seriously, when I found this mirror at T.J Maxx, I started looking around for my 'peoples'. We're out there, it's a movement, get into it!

Love your selfie, pp