Thursday, January 31, 2013

Life lessons

So today was a crazy day. Worked into the wee hours of the morning on some brief I had to refile. Woke up to near tsunami type winds. Nixed the A.M gym idea immediately. Finally got up, got up at 7.30am and decided that the gym was happening. Ofcourse every school bus driver seemed determined to thwart those plans. Had to do a three miler because I had Monkey boy's parent-teacher conference scheduled for 9am.

Made it to his school at 9.10- hair still dripping, no makeup, jeans and Uggs. Hey, not every day is a Prada day, okay?

At the PT conference, I'm looking over his books and the teacher points out a page where she'd asked him to write out words that sounded like 'such and such'. He had on there 'mackicow' for mexico, 'bufor' for 'before' and 'sex' for well, uh, 'sex'.

Well, my mouth hung open before I sputtered, "Well, he doesn't know what that means...", to which the teacher said "Oh, I think he has an idea." Ha!

So, at his 10.15 am well appointment ( over scheduling, maybe? Um, yeah). I decided to have a chat with MB.

Me: What's sex?
MB: Love
Me: Between who?
MB: Grown ups.
Me:(Heaving sigh of relief). Why not kids?
MB: Because it's inappropriate. ( My heart did a huge flip of pride- school word!). And it's yucky. ( Atta boy!)
Me: Is kissing sex?
MB: Yup.
Me: Who told you about sex?
Whew. So all his innocence is not lost. And T.V is, as I suspected, the devil. Parental control, an angel of light.

It's alright though. My new motto- 'No sex bufor maxicow.'

MB at doctors. Pre-shots:)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

January 20, 2013

Happy Fifth birthday, Monkey boy! I love this lil guy SO much!

Here's to five year old angel-boys, ;)

Friday, January 18, 2013

All grown up

Or do I mean more childlike. Either way, today, for the first time in years, I made a decision totally unmotivated by fear. I had allowed fear of the unknown to steer my course for so long- I didn't even recognize the emotion anymore. It was disguised as being responsible, being logical, doing the adult thing, the right thing.

Creative types like myself, tend to eschew dreaming. It is a quality that comes naturally to us, so of course we despise it. And so we strive to become the opposite of what we think a dreamer is. A lawyer,, an accountant- hey, look at me, I have a real, serious job, I don't spend my time doodling on notepads, with my head in the clouds. Except we wish we did. And we spend so many years unhappy and unfulfilled- thinking that this is how life is supposed to be. Myth no 1- only dreamers are happy and being happy is irresponsible.

Myth no 2- money is the only currency. You CAN make money doing what you love, but you have got to actually DO it first, no?

I got tired of being driven by money yet not getting rich or enriched. Where does all the money go? Eighty hours, really??? And today, I had an epiphany. I have a choice. I can change location or my position. The heavens will not fall. It will be okay. I give myself permission. It is okay to dream. For someone like me to thrive, it may be the ONLY way.

It feels good. Pp

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Word of the day.

Nuff said. Go on, love on somebody today- in a way that isn't detrimental to self or someone else.

xoxo, pp

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Am I too old...

... For these booties? Because my inner 22 year old says "ohemgee, no!!". But my 30 something year old self has her doubts.

I am admittedly fashion forward, never inappropriate, I don't think, and I can and do get away with wearing some of the trendier things that my peers wouldn't. Like rompers, for instance. Or some of my less conservative patterned tights. Some people even consider skinny jeans and uggs, a college fad, but I, mother of three, beg to differ.

But these Jeffrey Campbell 'Litas' in Taupe suede though? They are EVERYTHING to me, right now. They'd be awesome with my skinnies, my flared jeans, maxi A-line skirt, short sweater dress and woolly tights. Yes, I own them in my head. I actually thought they were hideous two years ago, but they've grown on me. And I'm loving all things taupe. And suede. And chunky heeled. Plus, I hear they are very comfy to walk in- and we all know I am the queen of heels. I want. I die. Unless, of course, you tell me that I am too old. :(

(then i will buy them in secret and only wear them when i know i won't be seeing you- ms judgy mcjudgerson :))

Imsogettingthem, pp

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mother of the Bride

At least that's what I felt like today. My Principessa's first day of 'school', and I am so proud of that little girl, yet I feel like someone just ripped my uterus out. I apologize for the visual, but it's how I feel.

So I overcompensated and wore an extra sparkly beret - my nod to the extra sparkly, hideous skirt suits, MOB's wear. (Why oh why, do they do that??? We can tell who you are already- the excessive smiling or crying is a dead give away.)

But Principessa did me proud. Not a single tear, all fierce independence and misplaced toddler confidence. Is this my cubby? I'll hang my own jacket and put away my own lunchbox, thankyouverymuch. She's probably crying now, but she started well, leaving the crying to me. Silly MOB.

Tearing up, pp

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolution

The List:

1. Whiten teeth. Too much coffee is not a good look.

2. Maintain figure. Eat clean- no more wheat at all, and definitely more yoga and running.

3. Be a better wife- cook more, nag less, make more time.

4. Be a super mom - soccer, gymnastics, ballet and kumon.

5. Be a good daughter. Call my mother before she calls me.

6. Be a better child. Of God, that is. Back to 5am prayer and regular fasting.

I am exhausted already. I think I just broke three or four of these rules already, and it's only day one.
We added two new members to our family yesterday, nick and Fishie- our two new goldfish- (side story- when asked to name our elf on the shelf, numero uno and monkey boy named him Nick and Elfie, respectively- so you see the pattern here). This year I am going to live like our goldfish.

Transparently, as if I were in a fishbowl- because everything done in secret is seen by God.

Expectantly- they swim up to the top whenever they sense a human's presence, expecting a pellet, some contact, maybe? I'll be expecting my blessings and fruits of my labor, while still swimming and doing my thing.

Taking it one day at a time. Nick and Fishie's life expectancy is like what- a month if they are lucky, right? Not sure they know it, but they take each day as it comes. I mean, what else can they do? They live in a bowl with a ceramic Dora the Explorer and a fake plant. My world is so much bigger, but I still can't do it all. One day at a time.

So here is my revised list, that I add to each day and cross off things as I do them.

1. Get through Principessa's first day of school tomorrow. (gratuitous pics of principessa's 'spa day' in preparation for first day of school tomorrow. You're welcome. :))

2. Work on my book.

3. Enjoy my family and friends.

4. Be kind.

5. Keep swimming.