Saturday, January 5, 2013

Am I too old...

... For these booties? Because my inner 22 year old says "ohemgee, no!!". But my 30 something year old self has her doubts.

I am admittedly fashion forward, never inappropriate, I don't think, and I can and do get away with wearing some of the trendier things that my peers wouldn't. Like rompers, for instance. Or some of my less conservative patterned tights. Some people even consider skinny jeans and uggs, a college fad, but I, mother of three, beg to differ.

But these Jeffrey Campbell 'Litas' in Taupe suede though? They are EVERYTHING to me, right now. They'd be awesome with my skinnies, my flared jeans, maxi A-line skirt, short sweater dress and woolly tights. Yes, I own them in my head. I actually thought they were hideous two years ago, but they've grown on me. And I'm loving all things taupe. And suede. And chunky heeled. Plus, I hear they are very comfy to walk in- and we all know I am the queen of heels. I want. I die. Unless, of course, you tell me that I am too old. :(

(then i will buy them in secret and only wear them when i know i won't be seeing you- ms judgy mcjudgerson :))

Imsogettingthem, pp


Anonymous said...

They're nice jare, buy them...ENJOY!

PradaPrincipal said...

Ah, validation from a correct babe. Thank yoy, jare! ;)

LoL Diva said...

Lol...I say buy!! After all who makes these friggin' rules anyway?? Furthermore, if you keep it tight AND set I say ROCK it any way you want. #fellowromperwearer#.