Friday, May 30, 2008

We Are Getting Popular!

Calista Clothiers, that is. Check us out here. Or just read it on here, for you lazy ones. :-)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Feminine And Flirty: Baby Doll Dresses by Calista Clothiers
I'm not sure where you live, but here in Texas we can already feel the onset of balmy summer weather. For us, this means it's time to take out those cool, summer clothes again!Speaking of summer clothes, one of my newest fashion finds are the gorgeous and sexy Baby Doll dresses by Calista Clothiers. The first time I was perusing the website, I was going, "ooh-ahhh..". It was hard to pick between the Georgina and the Ankara Queen Baby Doll dresses, but since I'm more inclined to simple patterns, I finally decided on the Ankara Queen (pictured). I wore it on Mother's Day and my husband (of course) was the first to give me a complement on it. He thought I looked like a "hot momma". :) Undeniably one of the hottest trends in the Spring/Summer, what I love about Baby Doll dresses is that they are so versatile, easy to wear, and work wonderfully well with any essential accessory. The style is feminine and flirty at the same time, sweet and sexy. And, just perfect to wear on hot summer days!At Calista Clothiers, they make Baby Doll dresses with you in mind. With breathtaking patterns, intricate embroidery, and flattering cut- these Baby Doll dresses make you feel and (look) like a queen! Available in so many lovely colors, patterns, and designs, they are on sale now between $63-$72. Only at


Yes 'it's' here. 'It' being SATC. SATC being 'Sex and the City'. 'Sex and The City' being, (for all ye 'under rock inhabitants')apparently, the hottest thing since, well, 'Sex And the City' premiered on T.V. I am excited to watch this movie. This is news because, well, I have never watched one single episode from start to finish before. Like Ever. Shocking I know - in some circles I would be shot at sunrise. I even had a friend who bought me a dvd player as a present before they were de riguer just as an incentive for me to go out and get the box set. Or at least one dvd. I would be hooked, she was sure of it. Uh, well she was wrong. I watched it on HBO a while later and I just couldn't get into it. I couldn't relate. I mean, no one I knew was like any of those characters. Not as fabulous, not as sex starved, certainly not as old. This was in my glorious twenties when thirty was, you know, old. Which is why though I am excited to see the movie, I am kind of saddened that I am. I mean, does the fact that I can finally relate to Carrie mean that I am advancing in 'fabulousity' or that I am simply getting old? Like fine wine, of course, but aged nonetheless. I prefer to look at it as a shoe thing. Or maybe it's the more definitive fashion sense that I have acquired over the years, knowing what works for me and having my own style, which actually doesn't make me look demented in a fashion (no pun intended), just me. And stylishly so, if I do say so myself. That being said, I wouldn't be caught dead in that wedding dress. Or the headpiece for that matter. I'm not quite that fabulous, I'm afraid.

smooches, pp

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ugly in Puerto Rico

Yes, that's me. I'm back with my tales of woe, but I will at least first start with the positive. I'm here, alive and well and my family and is great and blessed. And we were just in the breathtaking El Conquistador resort in San Juan, people! Talk about unparalleled beauty. Wow. Which brings me to my gripe. They say Brazil is the land of the beautiful people and I thought that was true until, well, I went to Puerto Rico. Where do I start? Everybody is beautiful. I know what you're thinking and I don't blame you cause it sounds implausible, right? Wrong. Every last person in San Juan is gorgeous. Everyone. From the teeny tiny chubby 'widdle ninos', to the lithe, incredibly evenly tanned (not nauseating orange Popsicle 'Sunset Tan' esque tans we are assuaged with in some parts stateside) girls, women, grandmas, boys, men.

Usually this would be a good thing, I mean, why not right? Except that it highlighted everything that yours truly was not. Like waxed, plucked, smooth skinned, taut gutted, stretch mark free, cellulite-who?, lush locked... the list is unending. I mean, I knew I wasn't looking my best, but I'm usually able to clean up pretty well, but JUST NOT IN PUERTO RICO. End of Story - I was out-dressed, out-'bikinied'(manner of speaking only, I wouldn't dare with these battle scars), out manicured, out done. And I concede, because truth be told, it is exhausting with two kids to keep up, even though I was surrounded by tons of gorgeous 'model-mamas', who must have all had their babies at twelve or maybe have great plastic surgeons. Yes, it's the hate talking. :-). Add insult to injury, someone actually asked me if I was expecting. I mean come on, people - I was wearing an empire waist dress, a little bloated maybe, but pregnant? Seriously? I had a 4 month old in a stroller! Okay, I can see why she would think that in the picture, but I don't have to feel good about it, y'know? Oh, and that is a Calista Clothiers Dress. Yes, I had to plug it - and Yellow is the new Black, people! Get Yours Here.

But PR was 'mahvellous dahlings' and I am now serious about my daily runs, breakfast of 'face greek yogurt' or oatmeal or egg white omelettes for the rest of my life or until I lose the weight, which ever comes sooner. There's nothing like being 'peer pressured' into fitness by the beautiful ones. Oh, and I will not skimp on the 'pedis' and facials anymore. It is not a luxury as I now know that I sorely NEED that stuff. I have pores ON MY PORES and that is so not hot. In any language. So I am signing off to go get beautiful. Gaze on my picture and feel better about yourself. p.s of course it's the best of the bunch, I'm not stupid, you know!

Ugly in Puerto Rico, pp

Friday, May 9, 2008

Hey Mama!

The phenomenal Bea, her beautiful daughter, Zawi and Diego, her adorable pooch.

If you are pregnant or know someone who is, this is your lucky day. I am offering super cute, amazingly soft 100 % cotton T-shirts from my maternity T-shirt line 'bellies by calista' at a discounted price of $35 for two or $20 for one (they usually retail for $25 for short sleeved and $30 for long), through May 20th. Just email me and we can sort out shipping details.

For ONE lucky reader though, you get a free maternity T-shirt. All you have to do is either send me a picture (covered or uncovered) of your baby bump (past or present) OR tell me what havoc pregnancy has wreaked on your body (misery loves company) or how GREAT it has made your body (in which case you won't win, cause I totally hate you. Just kidding.) Note: I will post the picture and or letter on the blog, so it should be tasteful.

Good Luck and Happy Mama's Day!


Chasing Fireflies

If I were a rich girl, nananananananana*...I would shop EXCLUSIVELY at chasing fireflies. Or maybe I'd shop there regardless if I had a little girl. I mean, I have two adorable boys and I shop there - not exclusively, but more than I should. You see, while I love my Old Navy/Gap staples (any mom with a kid in preschool knows how well they hold up to the 'play doh' and paint) I cannot resist a saucy T-shirt, or this pair of 'dragon appliqued' pants. Let's face it, this is the only time when he'll be able to wear those and get away with it, so I'm going for it. Yes, the prices are a bit steep (sometimes even when they're on sale) but they hold up SO well, are totally adorable and unique and I promise you, you'll never see any other kid in them.
That's why if I was a rich girl (nananananananana), I would live in this saucy, lime green, glorious tutu. And sleep in this disgustingly fabulous bed. Yes, I totally would.

*Sung by Gwen Stephanie, Butchered By Prada Principal

Monday, May 5, 2008

Potty Mouth

Bad words. Like s--t and st--id and 'shut up'. That's the phase we're in now - 'numero uno' son and I. It is a constant battle between us, made all the more difficult because he is, afterall only repeating what Mark* says. And as long as he prefaces it with "Mama, Mark said {insert expletive here). Bad word!", I am supposed to be okay with it. I mean, he is merely acting in his capacity as an objective journalist, providing verbatim quotes, but not really saying the 'bad words', right? Wrong, buddy.

I on the other hand, am trying to find the delicate balance of letting him know those words are not acceptable in our house, and from his mouth in any house for that matter, without getting too excited, as that would invariably have the same effect as making him say them even more, just to get a reaction from me. Sigh. Being an adult and a parent can be so tiresome. Why my kid has to be be BFFs with Mr. Potty Mouth is beyond me. So, does washing one's mouth out with soap and water really work?

* name changed to protect tots identity.

Speaking of mouths, (I know, clever segue) the good folks at 'Let's Dish' are offering a free - yes free - dinner for all new (even repeat) moms from May 4th to the 11th in honor of Mothers Day. I love free stuff and I love 'Let's Dish'! My hubby and I went to the Columbia location last year and had a blast. Plus we came away with meals for weeks and weeks. Delish and cost effective, which always works for me... (P>S. Not sure if they are only based in Maryland, but you could check the website and/or facebook page to find out.)

toodles, PP