Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stuntin' like My Daddy...

They start so young, don't they? So Numero Uno goes out for a drive/walk (he's driving, Hubby's walking) with his favorite person in the world - Daddy. And let me tell you, that Ford truck of his is the best gift we ever got for our car crazy young'un, with its REAL battery and speeds, up to (watch out now!) 3 MPH. He looks for a car in every book, magazine or commercial he watches. He makes pretend cars from Lego and playdoh. He eats, sleeps with
and collects little die-cast cars. So you can see why this his own real life car that he got for his second birthday, is definitely one of his favorite things. Like in life.
So why did my heart just about break when I heard he said to his daddy, after their drive/walk, "I'm gonna park my car now." And he promptly executed a perfect parking maneuver, in between our two cars? Oh, my son, my heart doth burst with love for thee. Just don't grow up to fast please - I mean, what's next? Potty training? {Gasp}

Mom of a diaper wearing driver, pp

Monday, June 23, 2008

Puella Girl

My shipment from Puella just arrived this weekend and I am as excited as I can be. You see, I pre-ordered the fab Puella grab bag, sight unseen, based entirely on the word of Melissa, who I do not know, but whose judgement i inexplicably, trust, at least when it comes to such things.

And boy, am I glad I did place that order like six, seven months ago! I was at least 8 months pregnant, unsure of what size I would turn out to be post pregnancy or if I would even like the clothes, but I did it anyway. Such is my love for fashion. It arrived - my TEN (yes, TEN)pieces of clothing, delicious in their soft jersey, floral, pastel colored, wonder - packed in this adorable Puella pink and cream tote, and I tell you, I was in fashion heaven.
I must admit, I was nervous at first. I mean, you have no clue what you're getting. All you are sure of is the size. At first glance, I was positive they were all glorified pajamas, but No! They are fashionable, pretty and easy to wear. And every, very figure friendly. Which is important to me as I press towards my goal of being skinny again. So now I have a plethora of tops, couple of dresses, cute yogaish cropped drawstring pants... TEN items of summer clothing for $150. I dare you to beat that bargain. And look this fabulous doing it. :-) I'm just saying...

Living 'Puella' Loca,


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Books, Bracelets, Babies and Body Lotion...

'The Mrs. Club'. Is where I'm at right now, quite literally and figuratively. A good friend bought (had autographed and mailed) me a copy of this foray into the hitherto uncharted waters of Nigerian 'chick-lit'. My first reaction was 'Bravo!' and 'A for effort!' for this self published first book, until I saw a grammatical error in the very first paragraph. It put me off for like a week or so. I mean, hello, spell check much? When I did finally give it another try, I was hooked by the conversational, true to life tone of a worldly single Nigerian (or Naija as we like to say) girl, trying to make it in the U.S. A bit exaggerated and intense, but you try developing and sustaining three very different characters in 195 pages and then you can talk! Rough around the edges, yes. The drifting between tenses will make you dizzy for sure. But definitely, definitely, entertaining and you will be holding your sides laughing. Literally. I guess what I am trying to say is, I'm a fan. And I will be buying copies for other Nigerian women or at least letting them know we have embraced a new genre of literature and a new queen of Naija Chick Lit. So, Get it, then, Ekene!

I am chock full of reviews today - all unpaid, I promise, but definitely 'prada tested'. I am all about the unique gifts for my special 'peeps'. Check out these simply gorg 'mommy and me' bracelets I ordered from Lisa for my cousin and her new baby, Kimber. Adorable. And you can customize with just about anything. I did birthstones, baby alphabet blocks and booties. Love, love, love it! - This one, any busy mom who has ever had to sit immobile under a white cheesecloth with her squirming baby on her lap (I kid you not), all for the sake of a passport photo, will agree is worth its weight in gold. Imagine taking passport photos at home, uploading them and having them sent to you for just $10??? Cannot beat it. They will proof and correct for you as well. I have posted MonkeyBoys, and I will post the finished product from Paspic when they mail them back. Oh, and the $10 (well $10.18 actually) is for THREE Passport photos, INCLUDES postage and you get it within TWO BUSINESS DAYS! I 'PUFFY HEART' THE PEOPLE WHO CAME UP WITH THIS INGENIOUS IDEA!

In my never ending quest to stay fab for less, I turned guinea pig last week. I rubbed the entire left half of my body in Nivea Natural Tone Lotion ($6.99, Target) and the entire right size of my body in Kiehls ($18, Target - 4 sizes smaller than Nivea). No difference. I daresay the left side of my body stayed smoother and more moisturised longer. So Nivea Natural Tone it is, then. :-)

The infinitely smooth, pp

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day.

This is a tough one for me to write. Not because I don't love my father, because I did. It's the remembering that he's gone and dealing with it, that hurts. Really, really, bad. One and a half years later and the outward has healed, but the little girl inside still misses her Daddy. But I am so grateful for the time that I did have with him and I am so appreciative of the man that he was and the example that he set. As my sister wrote in her funeral tribute to him - "I had a Father." And not just biologically, either. Not many can say that with conviction, so I want to honor his memory today and say "Rest in Peace, Dad". I cannot wait to see you and sit in your lap again.

And for my husband who is a wonderful Father to our two little boys, I say good job Daddy! We love you.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

shopping. philosphically speaking.

My philosophy of spending is simple. How much I spend on an item of clothing depends alot on how many times as well as how long, I will use said item. And since I wear clothes for literally, EONS, this makes a whole lot of sense.

For example, a lush Lycra long skirt in a wonderful Merlot color that I bought in college. And I still wear it - like to work and stuff. And the crazy thing is, it didn't even cost a lot of money, as it was sewn by a tailor in some shack in Nigeria. I also have an express black wrap dress that I got some eight years ago, and I always get compliments on it, like today for instance, paired with a lacy anthropogie ruffled cami and sky high Cole Haan shoes.

That's not to say that I don't do 'high-end', cause I do. Maybe more than I should. But my point is, I'll keep them forever. Like my purses - classic Chanel will be bequeathed to my daughter and maybe her daughters, vintage Gucci's look pretty cool in my opinion too. Rock and Republic Jeans make my butt look fabulous and that's enough justification for me. Besides, I live in jeans so I get a lot of use from every pair.

Then there are the sunglasses. Some are of the view that you should never pay more than $15 for them, as you lose 'em anyway. Not this Mama. I will spend over $300 on my frame of choice and I will NOT lose them or sit on them. I really do think that when they are above say, twenty bucks, you kinda take pains not to. My fixation of the moment? This smoky gray, wide rimmed square shaped pair from Chloe. Very 'Jackie O', no? Besides don't you find that no matter how crappy your makeup is or how raggedy your outfit, a pair of Chanel sunglasses always make you look instantly pulled together? This is why I have been known to jog in mine. :-)

So I will be doing a closet purge as I do tend to hold onto somethings a wee bit too long. First on the list, incredibly comfy but raggedy red gap track pants, used for sleeping and jogging. Farewell, loyal friend. Old bras and underwear. Pink flats and pumps that I never wear. Stained white Banana Republic T-shirt that I only wore once and hoped that I could salvage. I couldn't. Etc, etc.

My must-haves and staples for this year:

Couple of layering tees and camis from Banana Republic and Gap or Old Navy.

A couple of applique (I am loving the fabric roses and pin tucked styles) tops from anthropologie - great for pairing with black pants, topped with a shrunken jacket.

A couple of the all in one dresses that look like a skirt and top and even come with a belt! This excites me - can you tell?

Sandals, flats, platforms - all gladiator style.

My Chloe sunglasses.

New underthings and 'jammies'

Dior lip glosses and Chanel nail polish.

The suburban mama's uniform - velour and terry cloth hoodie and pant set from 'Juicy'. Don't judge Me - those things are lifesavers on Saturday mornings when your son has swim class...

A tankini and a glamorous ruched one piece to such in all the jiggly bits without looking like a full on girdle.

Workout clothes - cause we will be fabulous in any situation (or die trying).

Spanx. After two kids, this my dear, is non6negotiable.

One dress and ONE top that is one shouldered. I am crushing on one by Jay Mendel, but no way I am spending over $300 on such a 'trend that will be dated by like, tomorrow'.

Anything ombre.

A couple of long, fab Maxi print dresses from Calista Clothiers.

And I am done. This is really not a whole lot when you consider I will be wearing most of this for the next decade to come. What are your fab must haves? Do share.

purging furiously, pp

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Target Wonderland

Target be rocking, yo. You know the one about the lady who went into Target to buy some gum and then ended up spending $100? No? Oh, you know what? That's just my story. I went into Target to get a few of their ridiculously cheap 'Osh Kosh' shorts for my boys - Numero Uno who is now going down in pant sizes from a size 3T to 2T, and monkeyboy who is growing rapidly, wearing his teensy tiny, but oh so cute 6M shorts. I learned the hard way not to pay $20 for anything for babies under 18 months. So armed with this noble mission and full of purpose and financial prudence, I am bewildered to find myself at the checkout counter with not only a cart full of shorts for both munchkins, a travel comfort set (blanket, pillow and eye mask), cause I just know that soon we will be bringing our own seats,to travel on airplanes, mark my words. Two sets of hot wheels cars (Numero Uno is a car fiend and Aunty Carmen's grandson would appreciate them too, right?), a pair of incredibly cute 4th of July flipflops, for ONE Dollar. Stickers, T shirts (on sale for $1.49) - I Love this Mr, Grumpy one. More T shirts. Toddler underwear with Thomas the Tank on them. Hoping and praying that Numero Uno would respect the train and not pee on them until Mama is able to get proper training pants. Um, nope. But they were just $4 for a pack of 3. Ridiculously cute 'faux crocs' for MB. $6.99. But you know any footwear in that size is insanely adorable. All told for a whopping $60. Before you judge me, I challenge you to try spending just $10 at a Target - let me put a caveat there, a good Target. The crappy oes you just wanna get in and out. Virtually impossible though, in a clean, brightly lit Target such as mine. And when you think of all the things I could have gotten ( organic shopping totes, lotions and potions from the 'Boots' line, those delicious soda- seltzers from Target's 'Archer Farms' and every other yummy or in trend or so affordable-why-not? thing), but didn't, I really am disciplined. No, really.

The ever so prudent pp

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'm not who I was...

I have always blogged. I mean even before we were calling it 'blogging'. Waaay back in the day, I was on the net typing, cutting pasting - it was hardly as high tech and simplified back then as it is now and you did stuff the hard way. Before then, I always kept a diary or journal of some sort. You know, the one with the lock and key and before then any spare book I could lay my hands on and write furiously in when no one was watching, at like 12 midnight. Or in some weird encrypted code, that I made up, just so no one could decipher my steamy secrets. Oooh, steamy secrets at sixteen? Yah. Nada. but it made me feel important like I really had something tor hide, you know? Anyway, what sucked was that I invariably almost always forgot my code and I couldn't read it either. I tell you, my life was so complicated.

So why did I bring this up? I stumbled upon an online blog I used to have way back when (I mean, who knew it still existed? Note to self - watch out for carbon(?) / cyber (?) foot prints)and I fell out laughing! Oh, I crack me up, to say the least. What gets me is this really was me, and people really did read it, but it was SO ... gauche is the only word that comes to mind. And how I could be that way at twenty something is beyond me. But click on the link and enjoy the ride. So there is hope for all mankind, for none was as unfabulous as I. Way back when. But while I love the authenticity and 'journey' that was me then, (for in truth I was still finding out who I was), but I am so glad for maturing and morphing and still maintaining my inner me, while letting 'Prada Principal' emerge. Viola! Hello world - doesn't look like she's going back anytime soon. :-)

The moral of this post is - the good thing about being in your thirties is you are no longer in your twenties. Yay!

ps. This is where I talk about my date with my future hubby. We had NO idea that some seven years later, we'd be married with two bambinos. Scary, huh?

By the Way, love, love this song By Brandon Heath titled, aptly, 'I'm not who I was...'
live fabulously, pp

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Whoohoo! So Obama is the presumptive nominee - and I am bursting with pride like I'm his mama or something. This is a big one for me, and not just because I am black, but because this election cured me of my prior apolitical ways. You must understand that coming from Nigeria, politics was more or less a joke for me. Half the time, the elections were rigged and ballot boxes were stuffed- that is, when the military junta didn't stage a 'coup d'etat' (Yeah, fun times). Small wonder politics left a bitter taste in my mouth for the longest time. And then along came the 2008 democratic primaries and I was fired up, even to the point of voting in my FIRST ever primary elections. Now, I was this close to voting for Hil (I can call her that, right?) but after 'Big O' pulled that big win in Iowa, I was like whoa, He could really do this! And it was all down hill for Ms Clinton (in my opinion at least) from then on, with her stomach churning 'political jabs'. What infuriated me the most was the fact that she came across like she felt she was somehow 'entitled' to the nomination right off the bat. Got my goat, I tell ya. Then a friend emailed over this picture and I was like, awww...
The very image of how things could be, makes me so very proud to be American and to be part of the process. And now, I wouldn't have it any other way.

p.s I really cannot stand Elisabeth Hassleback on 'The View'. She is one annoying chick. I have no problem with Republicans or people with opposing views, but seriously? That lady can be so hateful. It's one thing to be a die hard Republican, but to hide behind that and take cheap shots at Obama? Or maybe she's angling for a cabinet position, cause you know Barbara (Walters) must find her so very annoying and would fire her if it wasn't such good TV. eitherAnd I don't care how much they 'love' each other on air. Ever since she took out Rosie, she's been feeling mighty tough. Maybe Whoopi will take her out. Oh pretty please, Whoopi? Okay, rant over. Brava, 'O to the B'! PP

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cool Moms Rule! (perfect moms need not apply) mommy blogger product reviews#links#links

Cool Moms Rule! (perfect moms need not apply) mommy blogger product reviews#links#links

Cut Throat

I love contests and competition. On the surface, I may seem a little cool and laid back, but I will go for your jugular at a baby shower to win the coveted bag full of sickly sweet diaper shaped soaps, feeding bottle candles and jelly beans all done up in gauze. Believe that, Ma. I dunno, but winning is just great and I am good at word scrambles and finding hidden minuscule baby combs in curtain patterns, so I usually win those. So this is why I need to win this contest and a free giveaway on sleep deprivation hosted on this cool blog, aptly titled 'coolmomsrule'. All I have to do is answer a few questions, which suits me just fine as I LOVE to talk about myself. (You'd never guess, right? :-)) So here goes...

Well, today we are giving away a copy of Sleep Deprived No More here on Cool Moms Rule! And here's what you have to do to:
Win it!Link to this post on your blog, and then comment here with your link. If you don't have a blog you can still win! Just leave a comment.

Here's what I want to know:

When was the last time you had 8+ hours of sleep?

October 27 2005 - the night I left the hospital with my first son. I was smart, I knew in advance to enjoy my time in the hospital and NOT have him room in with me. Trust me, he'll have more than enough time to room in with you, so sleep while you can!

If your child sleeps through the night, what routine worked for you?

That's exactly it - 'routine' works for us. he knows the drill, after his bath and food, there is computer time or story time or TV time and cuddle time, prayers, chocolate milk night cap and bed. Some nights there are tears and the occasional 3 am wake up, but they are far and few between and it's always back to bed.

On really bad nights, Mama is not above using good old fashioned bribery, with whatever is the 'thing' of the month.

If you are a struggling, sleep-walking zombie of a Mom, I want to hear about that, too.

I thought I was sleep deprived before number 2 son came along, but I cackle hysterically at the notion now. I have accepted the fact that I will not be sleeping 8 hours until at least four, five years in the future and I'm okay with that. Not because I am this great mom, but because, well, sleep is overrated. I'd rather be watching 'Flavor of love' at 2 am anyway. Call me crazy...

Share your tips and tribulations below in your comment for a chance to win Sleep Deprived No More!Last Day to Enter: Thursday, June 5, 2008Winners Announced: Friday, June 6, 2008

Monday, June 2, 2008

Travel Torture Chamber

Travelling with two children could be a new form of torture. Easily. Add cramped seats and no pillows or blankets to the mix and it is literally, hell. This is why I would happily kiss the printing press that Cookie is produced on. It is the best, hippest and one of the truly useful magazines for modern mamas out there, if you've never heard of this literary phenom before. Once you get past the Prada dresses for children, they actually do cater to regular people. Well, kinda.

This months' mag is packed with useful articles, like the 'anatomy of a trip' which gives handy tips from national caregiver directories to sending bulk baby items ahead. ( I also appreciated the heads up on cool family vacation spots where the kids are treated like royalty and parents actually get to have a vacation, without it being a noisy, chaotic kids fiesta like some Holiday Inns turn out to be. That kind of environment can really suck the joy out of your vacation, like being in one giant daycare, if you know what I mean. Even if breakfast is free.

Filed under 'why didn't I come up with that idea?' is a toy rental online site where toys are vetted for lead poisoning and recalls and sent to your home for a nominal monthly membership fee. Like Netflix meets Toysrus. I like it!

toodles, pp

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Giver of Good Gifts

I love to give nice gifts. The occasion is irrelevant - birthdays, kids birthdays, housewarming, 'just because' gifts. I just get immense pleasure from seeing the recipients face when I have given a thoughtful, 'think-out- of- the- box' gift which the person ultimately I hope, finds useful. Things that you wouldn't think of, know where to look for or realise that you totally couldn't do without. Until, of course I give it to you. Maybe even one of those things you'd like but never thought to buy for yourself. I love to give these Carolee sentiment bangles to Mom and baby daughter, I 'puffy heart' these adorable chunky little books from babystyle and I give them as gifts to almost every one year old and/toddler I know. And this 'Best Grandma' quilt for Grandma, complete with all her grand kids names? Priceless AND on sale at Lillian Vernon (how precious is that?) - and then I discovered 'Uncommon Goods.' Dude. Can you say "Prada Principal in wonderland?". It is now my one stop shop for everything and everyone, even my extremely 'hard -to- buy -for' hubby. If going green looks this fab, why ever not? Made from 100% recycled cotton, it is a 100% ME. I did however also cop a 'look for less' version at Target for 99 cents. No kidding. It's sassy red and zips into a small pencil case like thingy. Uberchic and ubercheap, which always works, right?

Anywho, I really envy good friends of mine with ANY (and I do mean any) occasion coming up. Y'all just made out like bandits.
The ever so generous PP
PS. Oh and OMG Puella now has dresses at anthropologie. I first heard of them through awesome Melissa, whom I adore and hope to morph into some day. Go to her blog NOW (she was my inspiration to use this blog as my creative outlet during my maternity leave and now it looks like I'm here to stay!) and I promise you'll be hooked. Never actually worn Puella Girl stuff, but I surfed their site and Melissa's word for it and preordered their grab bag sight unseen. It is due this June and I for one cannot wait. Will dish all about it when it comes. I promise.