Monday, June 23, 2008

Puella Girl

My shipment from Puella just arrived this weekend and I am as excited as I can be. You see, I pre-ordered the fab Puella grab bag, sight unseen, based entirely on the word of Melissa, who I do not know, but whose judgement i inexplicably, trust, at least when it comes to such things.

And boy, am I glad I did place that order like six, seven months ago! I was at least 8 months pregnant, unsure of what size I would turn out to be post pregnancy or if I would even like the clothes, but I did it anyway. Such is my love for fashion. It arrived - my TEN (yes, TEN)pieces of clothing, delicious in their soft jersey, floral, pastel colored, wonder - packed in this adorable Puella pink and cream tote, and I tell you, I was in fashion heaven.
I must admit, I was nervous at first. I mean, you have no clue what you're getting. All you are sure of is the size. At first glance, I was positive they were all glorified pajamas, but No! They are fashionable, pretty and easy to wear. And every, very figure friendly. Which is important to me as I press towards my goal of being skinny again. So now I have a plethora of tops, couple of dresses, cute yogaish cropped drawstring pants... TEN items of summer clothing for $150. I dare you to beat that bargain. And look this fabulous doing it. :-) I'm just saying...

Living 'Puella' Loca,


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