Friday, April 5, 2013

The Challenge

52 week money challenge. Are you in? It is essentially a dollar to correspond to each week of the year. As in $1 for week of January 1st and $52 for week of December 31st- and by that last week, you have over $1300 of your own money, saved, stress free.

It is not too late either- we are only in the $14 week, so to catch up, all you need to put in is $76 or so. I know people who are doing this in reverse too, which is BRILLIANT- so they started with putting in $52 at week one, so that come Christmas time, when we are all chasing that paper- lol- all they have to put on is like $2. Oh- and you can't borrow from the money EVER. It doesn't exist until December 31st. Go on, I challenge you!

To all my ballin' pradists out there, you can double or even triple your weekly amount. Big things poppin'.

Wealth not riches,

A day late, but...

Nine years ago, yesterday, this happened. The renewal of our vows, in a beautiful, old quaint castle. It doesn't feel quite like nine years and three kids ago, and some days we both don't know if 'congratulations' or sympathies are in order, but it happened. And we are happy it did.

Happy Anniversary to us,