Friday, April 5, 2013

The Challenge

52 week money challenge. Are you in? It is essentially a dollar to correspond to each week of the year. As in $1 for week of January 1st and $52 for week of December 31st- and by that last week, you have over $1300 of your own money, saved, stress free.

It is not too late either- we are only in the $14 week, so to catch up, all you need to put in is $76 or so. I know people who are doing this in reverse too, which is BRILLIANT- so they started with putting in $52 at week one, so that come Christmas time, when we are all chasing that paper- lol- all they have to put on is like $2. Oh- and you can't borrow from the money EVER. It doesn't exist until December 31st. Go on, I challenge you!

To all my ballin' pradists out there, you can double or even triple your weekly amount. Big things poppin'.

Wealth not riches,

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Anonymous said...

Great idea. I'm not in on this one, though (= But only because I already have a monthly standing order to put away money I can barely touch. Really annoying, but worth it.