Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rep your state

I do. With a little help from Maya Brenner. I got one for each of my sisters one Christmas, and I think it makes a good gift/ buy. It comes in gold too, with a diamond stud denoting state capitals. Loves it.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Life is a jungle (gym)

I've had cause to think about my life a lot this year. At my low points, I conceded it sucked. Except for my family. Right there, mama won the golden ticket. On my good days, I thought my life was pretty fab - but the best parts always revolved around my three little munchkins.

I'm a working mother of three so I have mom guilt times three. And that's okay- I wouldn't be a good mom, if I didn't feel I could spend more time with my kids. So I'll take my heaped plate of 'mom guilt soup' with a smile, and when I do get the occasional day off, I'll run with it. No migraine or TV show or gym class is gonna deprive me of my dessert of mommy brownie (points). Last week was the Principessa's time out with Mama. Her brothers are old enough to do the gymnastics, swimming, karate etc etc, and sister can't even get into a ballet class.

Thank goodness for 'my(little) gym- like gymboree, but better.:). No fake i.d needed, we got our par-tay on, you hear me?

                                                                 She bounced

She pouted (ofcourse)

                                                   She preened
...and primped

                                                       We vogued and gave face

I nuzzled a baby and was fulfilled

Quid pro quo, we're even.

'twas a good day, pp

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Fair ain't fair, and other gripes

I was pretty excited to go to my first ( yup, my first!) county fair this weekend.
Maybe even more psyched than the kids- definitely more hyped than the the hubby. But who knew that a la carte it cost like $14 million? Times five?  I was like 'whaaa'? I'm pretty sure my mouth hung open for a good five minutes.

Nothing is free. Or fair. Not even the fair. But we forked over dollars reluctantly and made the best of it. I put my foot down at the 'pay $10 to take a picture with a bull' scam. I mean, stand.  It's a fair, people!!And if I pay $30 for bull pictures, I am taking the bull home. Please believe.

So we milked a free fake cow.

And became one with the roosters (free).

And rode on (not free) rides, because while thrifty, I'm not cruel enough ( OR tough enough) to bring the brood to the fair and not let em do the rides! Come on. ;)

I do love me a good ferris wheel. And yes, je taime me some instagram. Tres tres, much.

Maryland state fair is next week. Any takers? :)

Yours in 'fairness' and justice for all, pp

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vacation = bueno

Vacation with three kids just might be a contradiction in terms. But I still LOVE it. And recommend it. Sand for my toes, food for my soul.


And my principessa seems to acquire a new skill each vacay.  Last year, at Disney World, she started standing, albeit with a death grip on NĂºmero Uno's pants leg, but standing, nonetheless.

Principessa shorts leg jack circa June 2011 - Disney

This year, she all but blossomed before our eyes. Her hesitant two word phrases grew each day. From "beach, please?" and "swimswim"? to "I love beach!", "Hooray for beach- beach saved the day!" I kid you not.

My point is, we all need a vacation , sometime, no?

Yours in blissful rest, pp :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Re-entry into blogging.

I started blogging because I needed a creative outlet during my maternity hiatus from the working world. I stayed with it - through dry spells and periods of artistic gushes - because I loved the idea of documenting my growing family for posterity.

And I am glad I did.  Because they grow up way too fast.  When I started blogging, my second ( Monkey Boy) was still in my belly.  By my last post, my third (La Principessa) was barely a year old.  Today, I have the six and a half year old Numero Uno, a four and a half year old and an almost two year old. Wow.

So I've decided not to wait until I have something profound to say, because let's face it, that moment hardly ever comes around.  And I'll just celebrate my family, my life and those little moments that are uniquely mine - that I would not trade for anything. Like this, right here. Curl power. Girl power. Pout power. Loves her.

Still got 'it", pp :)