Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Life is a jungle (gym)

I've had cause to think about my life a lot this year. At my low points, I conceded it sucked. Except for my family. Right there, mama won the golden ticket. On my good days, I thought my life was pretty fab - but the best parts always revolved around my three little munchkins.

I'm a working mother of three so I have mom guilt times three. And that's okay- I wouldn't be a good mom, if I didn't feel I could spend more time with my kids. So I'll take my heaped plate of 'mom guilt soup' with a smile, and when I do get the occasional day off, I'll run with it. No migraine or TV show or gym class is gonna deprive me of my dessert of mommy brownie (points). Last week was the Principessa's time out with Mama. Her brothers are old enough to do the gymnastics, swimming, karate etc etc, and sister can't even get into a ballet class.

Thank goodness for 'my(little) gym- like gymboree, but better.:). No fake i.d needed, we got our par-tay on, you hear me?

                                                                 She bounced

She pouted (ofcourse)

                                                   She preened
...and primped

                                                       We vogued and gave face

I nuzzled a baby and was fulfilled

Quid pro quo, we're even.

'twas a good day, pp


Anonymous said...

Preening and primping: much too cute!

PradaPrincipal said...

We aim to please. :) Come see us again, soon!