Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vacation = bueno

Vacation with three kids just might be a contradiction in terms. But I still LOVE it. And recommend it. Sand for my toes, food for my soul.


And my principessa seems to acquire a new skill each vacay.  Last year, at Disney World, she started standing, albeit with a death grip on NĂºmero Uno's pants leg, but standing, nonetheless.

Principessa shorts leg jack circa June 2011 - Disney

This year, she all but blossomed before our eyes. Her hesitant two word phrases grew each day. From "beach, please?" and "swimswim"? to "I love beach!", "Hooray for beach- beach saved the day!" I kid you not.

My point is, we all need a vacation , sometime, no?

Yours in blissful rest, pp :)

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