Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baby Gizmo Buying Guide

This is the must-have baby buying guide of the season. It is 'Baby Bargains' in a Prada suit, if you will. It is just big enough to have print that is actually readable without squinting, has terrific 'feedback', by way of pros and cons of each item (none is too minor to be mentioned) that you would conceivably use for your new baby. It is also great for second (and third etc) time moms who like me, might need a refresher course. As we all know, the rules change every year or so and there are always new products that we'd love to try or preferably have other moms try for us. Well, Heather Maclean and Hollie Schultz have done just that. So without further ado, I have 2 copies of 'The Baby Gizmo Buying Guide' (courtesy of the fabulous authors/their marketers, to give away to two lucky readers of my blog, who actually take the time to comment on this post in particular. No strings. Promise. The rest of you can pick up at amazon.com or your local bookstore for $16.99 - but wouldn't you rather get it for free? I mean, really. :)

fondly, PP

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pots 'n' Pans

Your pots say a lot about you, just like a man's shoes, I think. For the longest time, my pot collection was sparse and shameful, consisting only of a few tiny pots that I had managed to hold onto during my 'spinster years', when all I needed to 'cook' was 'Top Ramen' or some other similarly uncomplicated fare. Over the years, I reluctantly added a crock pot, couple of pressure cookers and a grown up set of pots to the mix, but time and circumstance happened to them, so there I was, back at square one, using coverless pots and 'pressureless' pressure cookers. I guess that means that I am 'incomplete and lacking steam maybe?' At least as far as the 'pot analysis' thingy goes.

But alas, not anymore. A 'sister friend' sent me a gorgeous set of pots from the U.K, where she resides. Drastic I know, but she needed to get a point across. So shiny and new in their cream colored exterior and non stick interior, cast iron glory. So fabulous... so me! She says she hopes this will unleash my inner domestic goddess. Well, hope springs eternal, as they say. I love you Inybooboo - but those pots are WAY too pretty to cook in. Maybe on your next visit???:)

smooches, the newly domesticated pp (Ha!)

Thursday, April 17, 2008


A picture is worth a thousand words. I have two for ya - diet and deprivation. 'That' was actually my lunch a couple of days ago, as a result of spiraling out of control due to comments two ladies in church nonetheless, made about my expanding, um, assets. One of the ladies told me that I was putting on weight. I was incredulous. I just had a baby barely three months ago! I mean fine, I did gain more than I would have liked and the pounds are not exactly falling off, but three months is really not a lot of time, people! So the question is was she refering to my gaining weight from before I was pregnant? Well, duh. Last time I checked that was the deal. But you know how you never have the really smart comebacks until you've left the scene. Well there you go. So instead, I blog. And starve myself, eating 'barbie doll portions' of 'bad for you human food'. Like Ledo's pizza and chicken wings, with a carrot and celery to make it healthy. You know how we do.

Okay, Rant over and time for a review of a lip gloss that looks great, and is super affordable. Sally Hansen Diamond Slicks, available at your local drug store for less than six bucks. It goes on so smooth, is not sticky at all and smells/tastes great, in the best colors too! Me likey. Go get yours.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Cooking Horror Show

The horror in the picture is called a rosti nest. Crafted with love from grated boiled potatoes and carrots with an egg in the middle, it was approached with fear and treated with reverence by all. including my normally fearless two year old. I said 'crafted' because it looks like an art project gone wrong. According to my husband "it glows in the dark." Number one son actually addressed it from a distance, in whispers. Hysterically funny, even if I did spend quite some time slaving over the nest. The name should have been my first clue - what about 'rosti nests' screams "yum?". My point exactly. But I do love my baby and toddler cookbook, the meals are usually delish and healthy and great for both kids and adults ( cause who has time in the real world to make separate meals for husbands and kids?). But the rostis? Admittedly, a doozie. Even I, didn't get it. And I will usually eat my messes. I mean cooking. I'm making shish kebabs tonight as a peace offering, so it's okay to be home for dinner, dear. Promise.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Twenty No More

In my twenties, I had the looks, the body, the glow of youth, with so little effort that I ofcourse did everything that was bad for my skin, my body and general well being. Sleeping in makeup? Check. Picking my face? Yes Ma'am. Eating badly? Whenever possible.
So here I am, mid 30s in 'fact, face and body' and desperately wishing, wanting to be twenty something again. This time a tad wiser and a much better steward of what I was born with, and what's more, armed with better taste, more finances and ergo a better wardrobe. I'll be good this time God, I promise. Pretty please.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

La Dolce Diaper

I'm a simple girl at heart. Really, I am. But I love nice things, I mean who doesn't, right? It's not an obsessive, all consuming love for nice things, as in I can totally do without them. I mean, I'm the girl who goes for half a year without buying anything for myself. Until something triggers it - like these gorgeous, dark purple suede flats (so dark mind you, that you would swear they were black in some lighting) adorned with outsize flowers that I scored at DSW. The flowers somehow just make this demure style of shoe tres, tres chic. Love them!

But I was trying to make a point before I got caught up in rhapsodies. The other day I went into BJ's on a budget. A $100 budget. Now we all know how difficult it is to spend just $100 at BJs, Costco or any of those bulk warehouses. The temptation of a 'deal' is just too much for me to resist, so I always come home with a ton of stuff that I don't really need that much - like Mr. Clean Magic erasers for days. But on that occasion, I had somehow managed to avoid the pitfalls and I made it to the diaper aisle only to find that they had increased the price of Huggies diapers from $29.99 to $37.99. Highway robbery in the 'burbs, if you ask me. So I decided to go generic with the BJ's brand. Gasp. I know, bad bad momma. Can his butt really tell the difference though? The guilt has plagued me for days, especially when I remember that I will be toting around those diapers in a burberry diaper bag. Am I going to mommy purgatory? In my defence, that kid should be potty trained by now. I'm just saying.

Fondly, PP