Thursday, April 17, 2008


A picture is worth a thousand words. I have two for ya - diet and deprivation. 'That' was actually my lunch a couple of days ago, as a result of spiraling out of control due to comments two ladies in church nonetheless, made about my expanding, um, assets. One of the ladies told me that I was putting on weight. I was incredulous. I just had a baby barely three months ago! I mean fine, I did gain more than I would have liked and the pounds are not exactly falling off, but three months is really not a lot of time, people! So the question is was she refering to my gaining weight from before I was pregnant? Well, duh. Last time I checked that was the deal. But you know how you never have the really smart comebacks until you've left the scene. Well there you go. So instead, I blog. And starve myself, eating 'barbie doll portions' of 'bad for you human food'. Like Ledo's pizza and chicken wings, with a carrot and celery to make it healthy. You know how we do.

Okay, Rant over and time for a review of a lip gloss that looks great, and is super affordable. Sally Hansen Diamond Slicks, available at your local drug store for less than six bucks. It goes on so smooth, is not sticky at all and smells/tastes great, in the best colors too! Me likey. Go get yours.

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