Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pots 'n' Pans

Your pots say a lot about you, just like a man's shoes, I think. For the longest time, my pot collection was sparse and shameful, consisting only of a few tiny pots that I had managed to hold onto during my 'spinster years', when all I needed to 'cook' was 'Top Ramen' or some other similarly uncomplicated fare. Over the years, I reluctantly added a crock pot, couple of pressure cookers and a grown up set of pots to the mix, but time and circumstance happened to them, so there I was, back at square one, using coverless pots and 'pressureless' pressure cookers. I guess that means that I am 'incomplete and lacking steam maybe?' At least as far as the 'pot analysis' thingy goes.

But alas, not anymore. A 'sister friend' sent me a gorgeous set of pots from the U.K, where she resides. Drastic I know, but she needed to get a point across. So shiny and new in their cream colored exterior and non stick interior, cast iron glory. So fabulous... so me! She says she hopes this will unleash my inner domestic goddess. Well, hope springs eternal, as they say. I love you Inybooboo - but those pots are WAY too pretty to cook in. Maybe on your next visit???:)

smooches, the newly domesticated pp (Ha!)

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