Thursday, January 29, 2009

MonkeyBoy turns One!

Where does the time go, eh? That gurgling, tiny, almost translucent looking primate is one and big and into everything and in LIVING COLOR! Truly God has been gracious to me and mine.
We had a rollicking good time, with a traditional 'good old days' birthday party, in the basement, with balloons, cake and kids music blasted from the home stereo system. Sans the kiddie entertainer and face painter, it could have been 1984 again!
I just love to share my ideas and new finds, so here goes:
I am on a 'personalized' kick this year, cos it just makes it all the more personal, right :)? So I did the custom m&ms from I had always wanted to try them and it was the perfect opportunity - not for myself per se( too egocentric), you can pick your own colors and write whatever you want on it and - get this - upload photos to put a face on them!!! Now how cool is that? I know!!!! I am still in awe of this phenomenon - the personalized m&m.

As we all know, your party is only as good as the entertainment. For Numero Uno son's first, I had the most awesome magician/comedian/balloon artist, which was great for the older kids, but hardly registered with my son, as he was all of one. so this year I opted for a 'Gymboree' style person who could coordinate games, songs and activities for all ages. it turns out Ms Ann Goodman of 'Parties for Toddlers' was the best investment ever. I mean, who wants to be organising musical chairs and hosting their own puppet show on their sons birthday, when there are a million and one other things to do? She was so good, I joined in the fun myself! 'The wheels on the bus go..." Whoo hooo!

And there is Amy Tam - yes, almost like the brilliant writer, just swap an 'm' for an 'n' and face painting for writing. She is an artisan - that is the is the only way to describe the creativity this lady possesses and the lightening like speed with which she does all this, without sacrificing the beauty of her work is a plus. With squirming babies and temperamental toddlers, I crown her genius saint of birthday parties and all events. Of course I got my face painted. Like, hello?

So, oh yeah, happy birthday Monkeyboy. Cake is awesome, right?

party animal extraordinaire, pp

Monday, January 26, 2009

Belle of the ball

I went to an inaugural ball. An unofficial inaugural ball, but a ball all the same. It just felt good to be out and about, in the moment, part of the electric energy that was Washington D.C that night. And waht a great night it was. Cold though - which is why though resplendent in my Vera Wang silk and chiffon dress, I accessorized with black thermal leggings. Terribly unchic, I know, but muy, muy smart, if I do say so myself. And I do.
p.s guess the celebrity in the photo with me?

Love ya, pp

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Gifts for Less...

It would be remiss of me not to share these wonderful budget friendly yet extremely elegant and useful gifts that I found and gave out last year for Christmas.

These bone china geese measuring cups and giraffe measuring spoons are the cutest things I have ever seen. Perfect for my eldest sister who has Martha Stewart beat, in my opinion. They were so adorable that I even ordered a set for myself - and I cannot bake to save my life! Now they hold pride of place, gliding behind the windows of my kitchen cabinets. But they are so cool that I would totally move them to my living room in a heartbeat, and they are perfect for laying out nuts and candy etc for guests.Then there are these fantastic little soap/china soap dish gift sets with monogrammed initials of your choice, in yummy scents like bergamot and vanilla coconut, lilies and freesia. Everything from the gorgeous packaging (that is so 'tiny yet chic Parisian boutique find') to the china soap dish that seems more fine china dessert plate than soap dish, to the scents is do die for. You'll want one in every scent, regardless of initial. Perfect for your powder room and yet too fabulous for words, I tell you.

A tip: when in doubt give something monogrammed, for in truth who doesn't love seeing their name in print? It is really flattering and personal and always takes whatever the gift is a notch. Enter these exquisite monogrammed note cards. The perfect little boxed gift, on perfect paper, for the perfect price! All from anthropologie.

Bisous, pp

Saturday, January 17, 2009

If you could walk in my Uggs...

You would know how in awe I am of this wonderful God, our creator, who formed me and my little boys in utero and pronounced us, good to go. And wonderfully and fearfully made. And beautiful and perfect. This God who knows our end from our beginning, who calls us by name knew that the day would come when I would- frustrated, at the end of my pregnancy, start this here blog - and continue the blog after the birth of my little 'monkey boy' and said 'monkey boy' would have eight sharp teeth and smiles and hair for days, plus a truly engaging personality and that he would turn one and he would along with his brother, be my pride and joy.

So thank you God Almighty. And thank you readers of this blog. And Happy One year anniversary to us. And please God let Monkey Boy be walking by his birthday - I don't know why it bugs me that he's not, but it does.

eternally grateful to God, pp

Friday, January 16, 2009

Red, black, hint of or ombre?

This is the most perplexing matter I am facing these days. Living in 'Obamaland', we are right in the thick of things and since everyone and their cousin is throwing a'ball', you can be sure that we got invited to a couple. Now that all the election stuff is behind us, we move on to more serious matters, like 'what should I wear to the inaugural ball?' It is of course, black tie - so I figure that most of the ladies will be in floor length, black gowns? And why not? Black is slimming, black is elegant, black always looks expensive. Black is thine friend. Obvious choice for me was red, as I like how it goes with my skin tone, but every red dress I found was just not me. So I narrowed it down to three choices, Black one shouldered dress - I would've totally worn this one if they had red in my size - (Katherine Heigl at the emmys, except in red), Black Vera Wang strapless with a blue belt, for that hint of color to separate it from the sea of black out there, and an ombre ABS strapless dress that I have lusted after every since I saw Angelina Jolie look absolutely gorgeous in one on the red carpet. I soon nixed that one as, let's face it, she is after all, Angelina Jolie. I may have a copy of the dress, but a copy of the face and body? Exactly. Come to think of it, she was at least 8 months pregnant when she wore it and it does read a little too boho for sedate Washington D.C. In a nutshell, I cannot pull it off. Then there is the gorgeous BCBG brocade silk halter dress, which is so gorgeous, but I am kinda over halternecks at this point. It goes wonderfully with my skin, but has a hint of Bollywood to it. You know, all saris and spices - which I am not sure is totally the best thing for this 'high fallutin' ball thingy. For now, it's between the Vera and BCBG, the husband shall get the final say. Just as long as his final say is in line with my final say. :-) P.S Bluefly doth Rock, as always.

we be ballin', pp

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It ain't over till the stuffed sheep 'baas'...

...Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! I have been on a hiatus and I have missed you. but I have been enjoying the holiday season with my little men, and I tell you what, Christmas from their wee perspectives is all too special. The highlight of the season for Monkey Boy was the Christmas tree lights and for Numero Uno son - the plugging in the lights into the socket - which of course, he was forbidden to do, but did with aplomb, anyway.

But both of them just adored the singing (or rather 'baaing') stuffed sheep ornament I bought from Target years ago, for Numero Uno son's first Christmas. You press his stomach and he baas 'We wish you a merry Christmas.' So of course we would sojourn to the tree at least twice a day and listen to him, baaing encore after encore while the boys rocked out. And I do mean MAJOR dancing - until weary, I was able to drag them away. And after it all - get this- Monkey Boy would actually say 'Yay!' and clap his chubby little hands. A standing ovation for the singing sheep! I can take it, the cuteness of those boys. Now those are the memories holidays are made of.

Mazeltov! pp