Thursday, January 29, 2009

MonkeyBoy turns One!

Where does the time go, eh? That gurgling, tiny, almost translucent looking primate is one and big and into everything and in LIVING COLOR! Truly God has been gracious to me and mine.
We had a rollicking good time, with a traditional 'good old days' birthday party, in the basement, with balloons, cake and kids music blasted from the home stereo system. Sans the kiddie entertainer and face painter, it could have been 1984 again!
I just love to share my ideas and new finds, so here goes:
I am on a 'personalized' kick this year, cos it just makes it all the more personal, right :)? So I did the custom m&ms from I had always wanted to try them and it was the perfect opportunity - not for myself per se( too egocentric), you can pick your own colors and write whatever you want on it and - get this - upload photos to put a face on them!!! Now how cool is that? I know!!!! I am still in awe of this phenomenon - the personalized m&m.

As we all know, your party is only as good as the entertainment. For Numero Uno son's first, I had the most awesome magician/comedian/balloon artist, which was great for the older kids, but hardly registered with my son, as he was all of one. so this year I opted for a 'Gymboree' style person who could coordinate games, songs and activities for all ages. it turns out Ms Ann Goodman of 'Parties for Toddlers' was the best investment ever. I mean, who wants to be organising musical chairs and hosting their own puppet show on their sons birthday, when there are a million and one other things to do? She was so good, I joined in the fun myself! 'The wheels on the bus go..." Whoo hooo!

And there is Amy Tam - yes, almost like the brilliant writer, just swap an 'm' for an 'n' and face painting for writing. She is an artisan - that is the is the only way to describe the creativity this lady possesses and the lightening like speed with which she does all this, without sacrificing the beauty of her work is a plus. With squirming babies and temperamental toddlers, I crown her genius saint of birthday parties and all events. Of course I got my face painted. Like, hello?

So, oh yeah, happy birthday Monkeyboy. Cake is awesome, right?

party animal extraordinaire, pp

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