Friday, January 16, 2009

Red, black, hint of or ombre?

This is the most perplexing matter I am facing these days. Living in 'Obamaland', we are right in the thick of things and since everyone and their cousin is throwing a'ball', you can be sure that we got invited to a couple. Now that all the election stuff is behind us, we move on to more serious matters, like 'what should I wear to the inaugural ball?' It is of course, black tie - so I figure that most of the ladies will be in floor length, black gowns? And why not? Black is slimming, black is elegant, black always looks expensive. Black is thine friend. Obvious choice for me was red, as I like how it goes with my skin tone, but every red dress I found was just not me. So I narrowed it down to three choices, Black one shouldered dress - I would've totally worn this one if they had red in my size - (Katherine Heigl at the emmys, except in red), Black Vera Wang strapless with a blue belt, for that hint of color to separate it from the sea of black out there, and an ombre ABS strapless dress that I have lusted after every since I saw Angelina Jolie look absolutely gorgeous in one on the red carpet. I soon nixed that one as, let's face it, she is after all, Angelina Jolie. I may have a copy of the dress, but a copy of the face and body? Exactly. Come to think of it, she was at least 8 months pregnant when she wore it and it does read a little too boho for sedate Washington D.C. In a nutshell, I cannot pull it off. Then there is the gorgeous BCBG brocade silk halter dress, which is so gorgeous, but I am kinda over halternecks at this point. It goes wonderfully with my skin, but has a hint of Bollywood to it. You know, all saris and spices - which I am not sure is totally the best thing for this 'high fallutin' ball thingy. For now, it's between the Vera and BCBG, the husband shall get the final say. Just as long as his final say is in line with my final say. :-) P.S Bluefly doth Rock, as always.

we be ballin', pp

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