Saturday, January 17, 2009

If you could walk in my Uggs...

You would know how in awe I am of this wonderful God, our creator, who formed me and my little boys in utero and pronounced us, good to go. And wonderfully and fearfully made. And beautiful and perfect. This God who knows our end from our beginning, who calls us by name knew that the day would come when I would- frustrated, at the end of my pregnancy, start this here blog - and continue the blog after the birth of my little 'monkey boy' and said 'monkey boy' would have eight sharp teeth and smiles and hair for days, plus a truly engaging personality and that he would turn one and he would along with his brother, be my pride and joy.

So thank you God Almighty. And thank you readers of this blog. And Happy One year anniversary to us. And please God let Monkey Boy be walking by his birthday - I don't know why it bugs me that he's not, but it does.

eternally grateful to God, pp

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