Monday, January 19, 2009

The Gifts for Less...

It would be remiss of me not to share these wonderful budget friendly yet extremely elegant and useful gifts that I found and gave out last year for Christmas.

These bone china geese measuring cups and giraffe measuring spoons are the cutest things I have ever seen. Perfect for my eldest sister who has Martha Stewart beat, in my opinion. They were so adorable that I even ordered a set for myself - and I cannot bake to save my life! Now they hold pride of place, gliding behind the windows of my kitchen cabinets. But they are so cool that I would totally move them to my living room in a heartbeat, and they are perfect for laying out nuts and candy etc for guests.Then there are these fantastic little soap/china soap dish gift sets with monogrammed initials of your choice, in yummy scents like bergamot and vanilla coconut, lilies and freesia. Everything from the gorgeous packaging (that is so 'tiny yet chic Parisian boutique find') to the china soap dish that seems more fine china dessert plate than soap dish, to the scents is do die for. You'll want one in every scent, regardless of initial. Perfect for your powder room and yet too fabulous for words, I tell you.

A tip: when in doubt give something monogrammed, for in truth who doesn't love seeing their name in print? It is really flattering and personal and always takes whatever the gift is a notch. Enter these exquisite monogrammed note cards. The perfect little boxed gift, on perfect paper, for the perfect price! All from anthropologie.

Bisous, pp

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