Monday, August 13, 2012

The Fair ain't fair, and other gripes

I was pretty excited to go to my first ( yup, my first!) county fair this weekend.
Maybe even more psyched than the kids- definitely more hyped than the the hubby. But who knew that a la carte it cost like $14 million? Times five?  I was like 'whaaa'? I'm pretty sure my mouth hung open for a good five minutes.

Nothing is free. Or fair. Not even the fair. But we forked over dollars reluctantly and made the best of it. I put my foot down at the 'pay $10 to take a picture with a bull' scam. I mean, stand.  It's a fair, people!!And if I pay $30 for bull pictures, I am taking the bull home. Please believe.

So we milked a free fake cow.

And became one with the roosters (free).

And rode on (not free) rides, because while thrifty, I'm not cruel enough ( OR tough enough) to bring the brood to the fair and not let em do the rides! Come on. ;)

I do love me a good ferris wheel. And yes, je taime me some instagram. Tres tres, much.

Maryland state fair is next week. Any takers? :)

Yours in 'fairness' and justice for all, pp


Anonymous said...

lol. So me. I go to the fairs and start penny pinching. All in all, for the kids I'd do pretty much anything. You know who. The Afang /Edikang ikong guru :)

PradaPrincipal said...

Lol. I hear you! We need to start our own 'fair'! Canoe rides and afang for a price. :)