Saturday, June 14, 2008

shopping. philosphically speaking.

My philosophy of spending is simple. How much I spend on an item of clothing depends alot on how many times as well as how long, I will use said item. And since I wear clothes for literally, EONS, this makes a whole lot of sense.

For example, a lush Lycra long skirt in a wonderful Merlot color that I bought in college. And I still wear it - like to work and stuff. And the crazy thing is, it didn't even cost a lot of money, as it was sewn by a tailor in some shack in Nigeria. I also have an express black wrap dress that I got some eight years ago, and I always get compliments on it, like today for instance, paired with a lacy anthropogie ruffled cami and sky high Cole Haan shoes.

That's not to say that I don't do 'high-end', cause I do. Maybe more than I should. But my point is, I'll keep them forever. Like my purses - classic Chanel will be bequeathed to my daughter and maybe her daughters, vintage Gucci's look pretty cool in my opinion too. Rock and Republic Jeans make my butt look fabulous and that's enough justification for me. Besides, I live in jeans so I get a lot of use from every pair.

Then there are the sunglasses. Some are of the view that you should never pay more than $15 for them, as you lose 'em anyway. Not this Mama. I will spend over $300 on my frame of choice and I will NOT lose them or sit on them. I really do think that when they are above say, twenty bucks, you kinda take pains not to. My fixation of the moment? This smoky gray, wide rimmed square shaped pair from Chloe. Very 'Jackie O', no? Besides don't you find that no matter how crappy your makeup is or how raggedy your outfit, a pair of Chanel sunglasses always make you look instantly pulled together? This is why I have been known to jog in mine. :-)

So I will be doing a closet purge as I do tend to hold onto somethings a wee bit too long. First on the list, incredibly comfy but raggedy red gap track pants, used for sleeping and jogging. Farewell, loyal friend. Old bras and underwear. Pink flats and pumps that I never wear. Stained white Banana Republic T-shirt that I only wore once and hoped that I could salvage. I couldn't. Etc, etc.

My must-haves and staples for this year:

Couple of layering tees and camis from Banana Republic and Gap or Old Navy.

A couple of applique (I am loving the fabric roses and pin tucked styles) tops from anthropologie - great for pairing with black pants, topped with a shrunken jacket.

A couple of the all in one dresses that look like a skirt and top and even come with a belt! This excites me - can you tell?

Sandals, flats, platforms - all gladiator style.

My Chloe sunglasses.

New underthings and 'jammies'

Dior lip glosses and Chanel nail polish.

The suburban mama's uniform - velour and terry cloth hoodie and pant set from 'Juicy'. Don't judge Me - those things are lifesavers on Saturday mornings when your son has swim class...

A tankini and a glamorous ruched one piece to such in all the jiggly bits without looking like a full on girdle.

Workout clothes - cause we will be fabulous in any situation (or die trying).

Spanx. After two kids, this my dear, is non6negotiable.

One dress and ONE top that is one shouldered. I am crushing on one by Jay Mendel, but no way I am spending over $300 on such a 'trend that will be dated by like, tomorrow'.

Anything ombre.

A couple of long, fab Maxi print dresses from Calista Clothiers.

And I am done. This is really not a whole lot when you consider I will be wearing most of this for the next decade to come. What are your fab must haves? Do share.

purging furiously, pp

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