Sunday, June 1, 2008

Giver of Good Gifts

I love to give nice gifts. The occasion is irrelevant - birthdays, kids birthdays, housewarming, 'just because' gifts. I just get immense pleasure from seeing the recipients face when I have given a thoughtful, 'think-out- of- the- box' gift which the person ultimately I hope, finds useful. Things that you wouldn't think of, know where to look for or realise that you totally couldn't do without. Until, of course I give it to you. Maybe even one of those things you'd like but never thought to buy for yourself. I love to give these Carolee sentiment bangles to Mom and baby daughter, I 'puffy heart' these adorable chunky little books from babystyle and I give them as gifts to almost every one year old and/toddler I know. And this 'Best Grandma' quilt for Grandma, complete with all her grand kids names? Priceless AND on sale at Lillian Vernon (how precious is that?) - and then I discovered 'Uncommon Goods.' Dude. Can you say "Prada Principal in wonderland?". It is now my one stop shop for everything and everyone, even my extremely 'hard -to- buy -for' hubby. If going green looks this fab, why ever not? Made from 100% recycled cotton, it is a 100% ME. I did however also cop a 'look for less' version at Target for 99 cents. No kidding. It's sassy red and zips into a small pencil case like thingy. Uberchic and ubercheap, which always works, right?

Anywho, I really envy good friends of mine with ANY (and I do mean any) occasion coming up. Y'all just made out like bandits.
The ever so generous PP
PS. Oh and OMG Puella now has dresses at anthropologie. I first heard of them through awesome Melissa, whom I adore and hope to morph into some day. Go to her blog NOW (she was my inspiration to use this blog as my creative outlet during my maternity leave and now it looks like I'm here to stay!) and I promise you'll be hooked. Never actually worn Puella Girl stuff, but I surfed their site and Melissa's word for it and preordered their grab bag sight unseen. It is due this June and I for one cannot wait. Will dish all about it when it comes. I promise.

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