Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Whoohoo! So Obama is the presumptive nominee - and I am bursting with pride like I'm his mama or something. This is a big one for me, and not just because I am black, but because this election cured me of my prior apolitical ways. You must understand that coming from Nigeria, politics was more or less a joke for me. Half the time, the elections were rigged and ballot boxes were stuffed- that is, when the military junta didn't stage a 'coup d'etat' (Yeah, fun times). Small wonder politics left a bitter taste in my mouth for the longest time. And then along came the 2008 democratic primaries and I was fired up, even to the point of voting in my FIRST ever primary elections. Now, I was this close to voting for Hil (I can call her that, right?) but after 'Big O' pulled that big win in Iowa, I was like whoa, He could really do this! And it was all down hill for Ms Clinton (in my opinion at least) from then on, with her stomach churning 'political jabs'. What infuriated me the most was the fact that she came across like she felt she was somehow 'entitled' to the nomination right off the bat. Got my goat, I tell ya. Then a friend emailed over this picture and I was like, awww...
The very image of how things could be, makes me so very proud to be American and to be part of the process. And now, I wouldn't have it any other way.

p.s I really cannot stand Elisabeth Hassleback on 'The View'. She is one annoying chick. I have no problem with Republicans or people with opposing views, but seriously? That lady can be so hateful. It's one thing to be a die hard Republican, but to hide behind that and take cheap shots at Obama? Or maybe she's angling for a cabinet position, cause you know Barbara (Walters) must find her so very annoying and would fire her if it wasn't such good TV. eitherAnd I don't care how much they 'love' each other on air. Ever since she took out Rosie, she's been feeling mighty tough. Maybe Whoopi will take her out. Oh pretty please, Whoopi? Okay, rant over. Brava, 'O to the B'! PP

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inyte said...

ywah i love tha picture and i am happy for obama i hpe its real and not an act not everything is really as it seems
tha world has made me a cynic but yeah awww!