Friday, May 30, 2008


Yes 'it's' here. 'It' being SATC. SATC being 'Sex and the City'. 'Sex and The City' being, (for all ye 'under rock inhabitants')apparently, the hottest thing since, well, 'Sex And the City' premiered on T.V. I am excited to watch this movie. This is news because, well, I have never watched one single episode from start to finish before. Like Ever. Shocking I know - in some circles I would be shot at sunrise. I even had a friend who bought me a dvd player as a present before they were de riguer just as an incentive for me to go out and get the box set. Or at least one dvd. I would be hooked, she was sure of it. Uh, well she was wrong. I watched it on HBO a while later and I just couldn't get into it. I couldn't relate. I mean, no one I knew was like any of those characters. Not as fabulous, not as sex starved, certainly not as old. This was in my glorious twenties when thirty was, you know, old. Which is why though I am excited to see the movie, I am kind of saddened that I am. I mean, does the fact that I can finally relate to Carrie mean that I am advancing in 'fabulousity' or that I am simply getting old? Like fine wine, of course, but aged nonetheless. I prefer to look at it as a shoe thing. Or maybe it's the more definitive fashion sense that I have acquired over the years, knowing what works for me and having my own style, which actually doesn't make me look demented in a fashion (no pun intended), just me. And stylishly so, if I do say so myself. That being said, I wouldn't be caught dead in that wedding dress. Or the headpiece for that matter. I'm not quite that fabulous, I'm afraid.

smooches, pp

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