Monday, May 5, 2008

Potty Mouth

Bad words. Like s--t and st--id and 'shut up'. That's the phase we're in now - 'numero uno' son and I. It is a constant battle between us, made all the more difficult because he is, afterall only repeating what Mark* says. And as long as he prefaces it with "Mama, Mark said {insert expletive here). Bad word!", I am supposed to be okay with it. I mean, he is merely acting in his capacity as an objective journalist, providing verbatim quotes, but not really saying the 'bad words', right? Wrong, buddy.

I on the other hand, am trying to find the delicate balance of letting him know those words are not acceptable in our house, and from his mouth in any house for that matter, without getting too excited, as that would invariably have the same effect as making him say them even more, just to get a reaction from me. Sigh. Being an adult and a parent can be so tiresome. Why my kid has to be be BFFs with Mr. Potty Mouth is beyond me. So, does washing one's mouth out with soap and water really work?

* name changed to protect tots identity.

Speaking of mouths, (I know, clever segue) the good folks at 'Let's Dish' are offering a free - yes free - dinner for all new (even repeat) moms from May 4th to the 11th in honor of Mothers Day. I love free stuff and I love 'Let's Dish'! My hubby and I went to the Columbia location last year and had a blast. Plus we came away with meals for weeks and weeks. Delish and cost effective, which always works for me... (P>S. Not sure if they are only based in Maryland, but you could check the website and/or facebook page to find out.)

toodles, PP

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