Thursday, January 31, 2013

Life lessons

So today was a crazy day. Worked into the wee hours of the morning on some brief I had to refile. Woke up to near tsunami type winds. Nixed the A.M gym idea immediately. Finally got up, got up at 7.30am and decided that the gym was happening. Ofcourse every school bus driver seemed determined to thwart those plans. Had to do a three miler because I had Monkey boy's parent-teacher conference scheduled for 9am.

Made it to his school at 9.10- hair still dripping, no makeup, jeans and Uggs. Hey, not every day is a Prada day, okay?

At the PT conference, I'm looking over his books and the teacher points out a page where she'd asked him to write out words that sounded like 'such and such'. He had on there 'mackicow' for mexico, 'bufor' for 'before' and 'sex' for well, uh, 'sex'.

Well, my mouth hung open before I sputtered, "Well, he doesn't know what that means...", to which the teacher said "Oh, I think he has an idea." Ha!

So, at his 10.15 am well appointment ( over scheduling, maybe? Um, yeah). I decided to have a chat with MB.

Me: What's sex?
MB: Love
Me: Between who?
MB: Grown ups.
Me:(Heaving sigh of relief). Why not kids?
MB: Because it's inappropriate. ( My heart did a huge flip of pride- school word!). And it's yucky. ( Atta boy!)
Me: Is kissing sex?
MB: Yup.
Me: Who told you about sex?
Whew. So all his innocence is not lost. And T.V is, as I suspected, the devil. Parental control, an angel of light.

It's alright though. My new motto- 'No sex bufor maxicow.'

MB at doctors. Pre-shots:)


Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL! What else can I say? Much too cute. Atta boy!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm! Reminds me of my lil nephew who defined sex to his Mama simply as 'bad enjoyment' These kids sef.

Anonymous said...

And my son says to me. I know how women get pregnant, proceeds to show me how with some makossa type moves and I faint. I am writing this post from the ER :)

PradaPrincipal said...

Lol! You are all hilarious!! "Times, they are a-changing...". Thanks for stopping by! :)