Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolution

The List:

1. Whiten teeth. Too much coffee is not a good look.

2. Maintain figure. Eat clean- no more wheat at all, and definitely more yoga and running.

3. Be a better wife- cook more, nag less, make more time.

4. Be a super mom - soccer, gymnastics, ballet and kumon.

5. Be a good daughter. Call my mother before she calls me.

6. Be a better child. Of God, that is. Back to 5am prayer and regular fasting.

I am exhausted already. I think I just broke three or four of these rules already, and it's only day one.
We added two new members to our family yesterday, nick and Fishie- our two new goldfish- (side story- when asked to name our elf on the shelf, numero uno and monkey boy named him Nick and Elfie, respectively- so you see the pattern here). This year I am going to live like our goldfish.

Transparently, as if I were in a fishbowl- because everything done in secret is seen by God.

Expectantly- they swim up to the top whenever they sense a human's presence, expecting a pellet, some contact, maybe? I'll be expecting my blessings and fruits of my labor, while still swimming and doing my thing.

Taking it one day at a time. Nick and Fishie's life expectancy is like what- a month if they are lucky, right? Not sure they know it, but they take each day as it comes. I mean, what else can they do? They live in a bowl with a ceramic Dora the Explorer and a fake plant. My world is so much bigger, but I still can't do it all. One day at a time.

So here is my revised list, that I add to each day and cross off things as I do them.

1. Get through Principessa's first day of school tomorrow. (gratuitous pics of principessa's 'spa day' in preparation for first day of school tomorrow. You're welcome. :))

2. Work on my book.

3. Enjoy my family and friends.

4. Be kind.

5. Keep swimming.


Anonymous said...

Resolutions are definitely made to be broken. you are what you wheat. Watch it! Watch out! HNY

PradaPrincipal said...

Lol- you are what you wheat, indeed. Got to remember that before I bite into that doughnut, not in hindsight. So help me God.

rmj said...

LOL @ 'whiten teeth' and 'be a good daughter'! No need to write my list now cos it looks like you've written mine for me (= No promises, but will try to do the wheat thing ... next week after I've baked some delicious, succulent, killer home-made bread this weekend - lololol! Is the life expectancy of fish only like a month, really? Had no idea? We lost ours in exactly a month ('sniff!'). A Fish Called Dory. Happy New Year!