Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fierce Purple Lips

Lately, I have been obsessed with finding the perfect purple lip gloss. Well, not exactly purple , more like purplish. I must explain, I'm weird like that. i get caught up in the little things that I just have to have. You know like the perfect black briefcase (for going to court to do my pro bono case), The perfect diamond studs, the perfect purple- sorry purplish lip gloss.

Now, the good thing is I always know exactly what I want. First off, it must be a gloss and not a lipstick. Lipsticks are too old ladyish for me right now and certainly too much for these sunny summer days. It cannot be sticky, as there is nothing more annoying than hair stuck on your lips - so this disqualifies the Victoris Secret Beauty Rush gloss I got. It must not be too sheer - I have dark chocolate colored lips, so it has to stand up to and conquer my lip color, which brings me to my last point - without being overpowering. So, it can't be waxy or plastic looking - you know, overpowering. You do not want to be looking like you have purple plasticine on your lips.

So I have tested quite a few - one by MAC ( I didn't realise that this was also a 'plumper', so I was writhing in agony from the intense tingling and wondering why.), Sally Hansen - My usual go to gloss, not quite purple enough, Victorias Secret - too sticky and too sheer, Now I'm on to Dior Addict. Wr'll see how that goes. And I will be updating with pictures of my fierce pucker. Do with that information what you will.

the puckering prada principal...

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