Monday, July 7, 2008

The Returns

I didn't like the Chloe shades (referenced below) and the Ralph Lauren and Maggi London all-in-one shirt dresses, didn't seem quite as fabulous when they came in the mail. That is the downside of shopping online - it is well, not 'offline' and you must know both your body and the designer's cutting style really, really well. Sometimes, when you're flipping through the virtual catalog, it is easy to forget that you are not 6'8" with an impossibly oval face, so you actually begin to think that you can pull off those pants, and yes, those comically ROUND Chloe glasses! Years ago, I would have suffered in silence, letting the 'unwearables' grace my closet, until I finally give them away to some lucky girl with more modelesque proportions. But now, being older and wiser, whatever pathos I felt for the retailers is non-existent, time having taught me that I just will never be a size 2, barring osteoporosis or some other bone shrinking condition- I have learned to let it go. And feel no remorse in filling out the return form. The retailers expect it. And they know that out of ten returns may come ONE purchase. So it's all good.
fashionably yours, pp

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