Monday, July 28, 2008

The Other side of Thirty

This is so like my favorite topic. Because I live it, think about - am it. The thirty somethingish woman of today has quite the challenge on her hands, finding the delicate balance remaining fashionable without being 'trendy', youthful without trying to be too young. no mean feat indeed, in this day when two year olds wear low rise, boot cut jeans. Ha!

What this means is that your taste must - albeit reluctantly change. You can no longer get away with buying those camisoles from forever twenty one, urban outfitters, Bebe. those are for your children. Fictional or otherwise. You are still allowed in Banana Republic fortunately, and embrace staples from Brooks brothers, Ann Taylor and the White House, Black Market store. I personally will never stop getting stuff from Anthropologie. So sue me. but I have come to terms with the fact that I probably will never wear nine West shoes again, and not just because all the teenagers in church go there. The shoes are getting crappier and crappier and I am a bit of a shoe snob/label whore. I just know that the right pair of shoes can never be a bad thing. And it's the first thing the people that matter look at. And judge you by. Shallow, but oh-so true.

So I am more into the understated chic look. The accessories and or the 'interesting camisole, patent leather belt, SHOES are my passion now instead of the big statement bag. Not that I have anything against those, but I'm just in a 'keep em guessing' phase. more long Champ 'Le pliage' bag for work than Fendi B-buckle bag. More Kate Spade/Tory Burch flats than Gucci loafers. More age, more subtlety, I guess. Or maybe like I said, it's a phase...

peace, pp

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Catherine said...

the problem comes when pregnancy changes your foot size permanently and you only want comfort. I used to keep bandaids on hand because it was a given that the stylish shoes I teetered on would scar my feet.
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