Monday, July 14, 2008

'Gilty' Pleasure - by invitation only.

I'm just a regular Jo(sephina). As in, I put my Loubou(tins) on one foot at a time, just like y'all and there is something about a deal - any deal - that makes me want to spend copious amounts of money. This must be true for all of us, or Costco and BJ's would be out of business. But I am learning to recognise (and wait for) real deals. Ergo, the one shouldered Jay Godfrey dress from Neiman's (though aching cute) is not as much of a bargain as the one shouldered Cynthia Steffe dress from 'the Gilt groupe', (which costs $179 at both Neimans and Saks) where a deal is truly a deal. How much of deal, you ask? try $70 versus $300 and something? Plus, you never ever pay full price for a trend, because you'll ALWAYS regret it. Remember, celebs get this stuff for free. And we(non-celebs yet fabulous all the same) get our stuff from 'the Gilt Groupe', cause "our mama's didn't birth no fools...". Besides the 'handwritten' note from the owners was so classy, in all its 'black scratch paper and gold inked' glory. Nice touch, no? Exactly.


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