Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Out of Africa...

Out of Africa comes beautiful things. Gorgeous fabrics, delicious food, beautiful people. And I want to celebrate just a few of them in this post - little things that I've found on the web that make me proud to be who I am.

Motherland Bites has everything I crave from my childhood days. Golden 'puff puffs', shiny 'meat pies', did someone say crunchy nuts? I am so there. Except they are based in the U.K. {Sigh} Oh well, here's a shout out to those wonderful women 'across the pond'. Your presentation alone (as I have not tasted their food) makes you noteworthy!

I fell in love with these little darling dolls when I spotted them last year on this site. (Bella Naija, by the way is another awesome Nigerian import and her blog keeps my nose firmly planted in the business of all the fabulous people in Nigeria) I mean, how adorable are these replicas of women from the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria? If you have been hunting for dolls that look more like your baby girl and ESPECIALLY if you are Nigerian. these barbies are a must have. I even ordered one for myself, and let's face it, I am hardly seven anymore.

And of course, this list would not be complete without something from Calista Clothiers. If you're looking for something to take you from office to evening or just to lounge in this summer, look no further! This Culotte jumpsuit is too cute and available in all kinds of fabulous colors. All kinds of delish, I tell ya!

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