Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So Darn Beautiful...

No, not me, silly. Him. He's here, and he's gorgeous, and little, and all curled up, the little monkey-boy. He so looks like my Father whom I lost last year that sometimes I laugh and cry at the same time, looking at him. "Prof, E biala?" (literal translation: "Prof, have you come?") - most people, including us , in casual conversation called my Father "Prof".

So my darling son came at 1.20 am on the twentieth of january, 2008. Yes, this one is quite the showoff, isn't he? I had no contractions and no sign that he was coming, aside from the fact that my due date had passed and my induction had been cancelled for no apparent reason. But my number two son had his own plans. Long story short, hubby and I were debating over whether my water had broken or if it was just a faucet leak - i know, too weird- and so we decided to let the doctor answer that one. My water hadn't broken, but I was 4 cm dilated, contracting but not feeling anything, which is pretty awesome. Until they broke my water and I was speechless with pain. Couple hours later and after only thirty minutes of pushing, monkey-boy was here! Almost too easy in retrospect. Praise God from whom all blessings flow, for monkey-boy is truly that to me/us.

It's my second day home with baby and I have a couple of interesting observations.

Milk truly IS the new Prada. My milk, that is. This child craves it. I mean like every second. To make matters worse, I have sprouted some hard, ginormous melon thingies on my chest. Arghhh! Anguish. This could actually be worse than labor.

Little man - my number one son - is a brat. How come I never noticed this before? He told me to "be quiet!" today and stared at me defiantly, glowering from his 'timeout' corner. He coughs all over baby, when he has been explicitly told not to. And he does it deliberately. But he is so cute though. And we all know that this covers a multitude of sins.

I haven't lost 40 pounds yet. I haven't lost 20 pounds yet. Okay, I haven't even lost 10 pounds yet. A measly 8 pounds when I weighed this morning. Am I being unrealistic? I vaguely remember dropping 20 pounds almost immediately the first time, and at two weeks postpartum, being 3 or 5 pounds away from my goal weight. Hmmm. Not happening this time around, I'll tell you that. But the good part about this is that I feel and look better than I did the last time. I uploaded a picture of me, 8 hours after having my baby. I look phenomenal, if I do say so myself :)

ttyl, PP


Melissa said...

Congratulations! I give you real props for having a baby one week ago and being able to get a little time for yourself on the internet! It's so much easier when they're so tiny and sleeping all the time, isn't it?

I remember that awful swelling in my boobs after my #2. My husband would jokingly refer to me as "porn star" because they were so huge and, dare I say it... looking like they were full of rocks. Ugh.

Enjoy every minute! I just love hearing about newborn babies, I just get all weepy over the promise of what the future will hold. Sounds a little cheesy, but there is just so much hope wrapped up in that little bundle of joy!

Best to you and your growing family!

Melissa said...

Okay, I had a sneaking suspicion that you are one and the same with the woman who makes those gorgeous dresses, right? I wasn't sure, but now I see a link to Calista Clothiers on your home page? Is that you? Are you one in the same?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Darling...I had this sneaking suspicion!!

Monkey boy??? I know yoruba people can do better than that!

Love to all and kisses to MK!


prada principal said...

Thank you Melissa! I know I am addicted to the internet - it is so pathetic. I need my 'net like some crave coffee. Tx for stopping by!

prada principal said...

Thanks Mavis! You know he has like a gazillion names, right? You know how we do! :-)