Friday, January 18, 2008


So it's my EDD today. 'Expected Due Date' for the non-moms out there. And nada. Wow, it seems second babies come early for everyone but yours truly. But I will remain positive. And grateful. For I have been truly blessed with a complication free pregnancy. Mild morning sickness, no high blood pressure/pre eclampsia issues, no out-of-the-ordinary aches and pains, no swelling - I am still wearing my wedding and engagement rings with no trouble and all my shoes. I still look good - if I do say so myself- for a 40 week pregnant woman. I mean, I have the 'pregnant moon face' a bit, but hey, at least I'm still walking upright. Yes, the standards have been lowered, people.

Everyone says I should walk more to induce labor, but we all know that you can walk ten miles, drink all the Castor oil available in your local 'Rite Aid', eat spicy tacos all day, have sex 24-7, etc etc etc and the baby will come when it wants to and not before. Unless you're trying to say that all overdue women are nonathletic, bland food eating, frigid women, that hypotheses, holds no water. But I did venture outside for a romp in the snow with my 'hunnybunny', cause he asked so sweetly, "Mama go outside, play in snow, pweeez???". Now, how could I say no? Besides, just in case there is any truth to the 'get moving- have a baby' thingy, I was not about to miss out. No Siree Bob. So there we are, basking in our last day as Mama and only child. You will always be my first baby, but never again the only one. Awww, bittersweet. Good thing he has no clue. And God help us all.
p.s. if I don't post for a while, then I'm probably having a baby.

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