Thursday, January 17, 2008

Countdown to D-day

So everyone who knows me knows that I really wanted a baby girl this time. I have made no secret about this and I even went as far as purchasing cute little onesies (in pink of course) to let my hubby know that we were 'preggers' again. I mean, I was convinced I was having a girl - how could I not be? I love my son, but I am such a girly girl, it's ridiculous! She would wear pink and lavender constantly and I'd have her scheduled for her first mani-pedi by age two. We would bake heart shaped cookies with pink sprinkles for Daddy on valentines day, we'd go shopping for little tutus and all those ridiculously impractical things that they sell for silly moms like me to buy, because, you know we are really buying them not for our precious daughters, but for our inner little girlie girl. Plus when you wore three sets of hand-me-downs, you can be excused, right?

I thought I'd show you guys some more of the really cool designs we have at 'bellies'. Right now I have just the 'preggers in the city' in short sleeve black and 'epidurals anonymous' in short and long sleeve white available, but as demand picks up - I need at least 10 orders per design, I'll roll out more, promise.**Never mind. Blogger doesn't let me upload pdfs. Sooo ridiculous, I know - but I'll figure another way out soon.**

So, how does one go from this (5/6 weeks pregnant) to that (39 weeks 6 days, yikes) ? (I'm still working on those picture links, y'all - but I think you'll know which pictures go with what comment.) I am just pathetically FAT and I can't even blame it on the baby. I am eating EVERYTHING in sight? Little man's leftovers, 2 breakfasts (one at 2 am when I can't sleep, the other when I'm up for the day), it's truly a sight to see. So I guess I answered my own question, huh? Y'all need to pray for me!
P.S It's snowing - truly beautiful (when you are viewing it warm and snug, from your bathroom window:-))

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