Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No gym until I'm skinny...

Ridiculous, I know. But after two kids and just 5 weeks in this post partum body, I am dealing with body issues which I never knew I had, and trust me, it ain't pretty. My hubby and I have a gym membership which neither of us have used in a year - at least, I had an excuse - I was pregnant for most of that time and was running about 3 miles a day for awhile too - and the money is being deducted from our account, regardless of whether we haul our butts in there or not. So what better incentive to go, right? I get up bright and early and shower and fish out gym clothes that actually fit - no mean feat, I assure thee. I get to the front door and turn right back around. It's too cold, I'm too late for the class, is my membership still active? All lame excuses. Code for "I'm too fat", plus do I really want to join a strip tease exercise class with lithe skinny 20 something year olds with perfect bodies? Any class would be hard enough, but strip tease class? I mean, even if I were fit and trim and didn't have this jelly belly, I would feel ridiculous. Then there's the issue of my grimy workout clothes. So fast forward to me ordering hip (but not too hip - don't want to appear old and desperate), age appropriate, clothes THAT FIT on the Internet. By the time they get here, I would have shed at least another 5 pounds, right? In shape for getting in shape. Gotta love me. :)

Best Baby Gifts Ever

Second kids, if they are the same sex as the first one usually get a raw deal, you know? I bought almost nothing new for monkeyboy, and as for clothes, fuhgetaboutit. But fortunately, I have great people in my life who love me and he got his fair share of cute, adorable stuff. Love you all. Really. But I am a sucker for books, always have been, always will be. Maybe growing up with an academician as a Dad and teacher for a mother, reading was priority. A treat was going to the bookstore on Saturday and picking out any book of your very own. Then we would all lie in our various beds, devour the books and swap with each other. As we all had pretty diverse tastes, I read the whole gamut, from Nick Carters, to Barbara Cartlands to Enid Blytons at a pretty young age. But Nigerian TV sucked, so holding out for age appropriate material never crossed my mind. But I digress. So I got these gorgeous books, titled 'On the night you were born', and "On the Day you were born' respectively, (among many that this person so generously bequeathed to monkeyboy) that are already favorites of Number one son and I'm sure will be for monkeyboy too, in time.

I have also fallen in love with crabtree and evelyn's super gentle and super adorable baby wash and creams. They work so well for monkeyboys sensitive skin and the packaging is SO cute - it's like reading a bedtime story everyday, just looking at it. He broke out in a rash, I think from Johnson and Johnson's and these seem to be calming the rash and working so well. My dear friend gifted this to us courtesy of she and her business Packaged Panache. She makes the most gorgeous gift packages for ANY occasion you can imagine. Yes, she doth rock. lol.

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