Monday, February 4, 2008

He's soooo.... 'interesting looking!' ??????

So you always wonder, do parents of homely babies, know that they are, you know... not that cute? (Anyone remember that Seinfeld' episode' with Elaine and the 'snuggly' baby?). Or maybe you wonder if you will be able to tell as a parent, if your baby looks like say, Yoda. No offense, star wars fans. The answer is an emphatic, "Ofocurse!". Meaning, yes, you will know. And no, it won't matter cause somehow, you'll think they're cute inspite of whatever their flaw is. For example, your baby has martian like ears, you will find yourself thinking, "His ears are so weird, but so CUTE on him!" And gushgushgush all day long. This is nature's way of making we do not as humans eat our young or schedule them for plastic surgery at week two post birth. The reason I bring this up is because monkeyboy definitely looks like a monkey. And I know this and I'm okay with this, but I could STILL just eat him up! I'm still waiting for the "his feet are SO precious" comments. Cause that's when you truly know that you have a 'homely one' on your hands. People come up with all kinds of 'creative' compliments/comments. It's okay. Really. Just say nothing. Because Mama knows. And no, Mama doesn't care. Because everyone knows that guys have it easy. Just speak halfway decent, dress and smell nice and you're good. Besides, look at my track record (by way of my number one son.) - hehehe. But MonkeyBoy does have the cutest toes though. :) giggle.


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