Monday, February 18, 2008

Things I can't live without

I can live without chocolate, but I cannot live without our dear nanny - Aunty 'Wida'. And she leaves in about two weeks. What on earth will we do without her? I am barely making it through the day as it is. Even more important, what will I tell my son who thinks the sun rises and sets in her bosom? I truly, truly dread life 'post Rita' and our family will not be the same - at least for a while. Sigh. How do people cope without ANY help? Hats off to all of you. Truly Phenomenal Women that you are.

I can't live without my babysling. It is supercute in this funky camoflauge design and so user friendly - none of the bells, whistles and manuals that that come with the baby bjorn. IDon't get me wrong, I LOVED my baby bjorn, that is until I heard that it was bad for your back - both mom and baby's - unless ofcourse you buy the even more expensive one, which costs like a trillion dollars. So I invested in a sling from for baby number two and I'm happy to say ,he sleeps snug as a bug in there with not a peep out of the little guy.

My adorable crane humidifier. Well, it's monkeyboy's actually and since he's been battling the sniffles, it's become his new 'bff'. Moms out there can attest to this - when little babies have colds, it's torture for EVERYONE. But this cool mist humidifier works so well and is cute to boot. It also comes in almost every animal imaginable, but I am partial to the penguin. It has been vetted by both my boys and found to be awesome. Plus the customer reviews do say it works the best. Target ROCKS!

I also refuse to live without Fage (pronounced fah-yeh) 2% greek yogurt - Ijust add a teaspoon of honey to sweeten it. It is a dieting girls' best friend - so good for you yet it feels 'tres' decadent. And it's all about how something makes you feel, you know what I mean?

I'm outie, PP


PixieVonAzia said...

That is a really cute babysling =) Your little ones are adorable =)

PradaPrincipal said...

thank you pixie! Yes, the babysling rocks!