Thursday, March 6, 2008

Butt Cream and Return of the Nanny

I was on here extolling the virtues of the crabtree and evelyn baby cream in my last post, right? So I have been slathering Monkeyboy in it, literally like from head to toe. and his rash just seemed to miraculously dry up and disappear. Well, I decided to actually read the packaging and I find to my dismay that the instructions say to apply as needed to help prevent' diaper rash'. Yes people. Yours truly has been smothering her baby in 'butt cream', fine and shishi poopoo as it may be. I find this hysterically funny and I'm like, no one wonder it worked so fabulously. MB's face had no clue what hit it! lol. Hey, whatever works right?

Houston, we have a nanny! Yah Man. She's from Jamaica, so excuse me if I lapse into 'patois' now and again. I have this annoying habit of absorbing new accents, mannerisms etc, that 'tickle my fancy'. It's just a thing that I do, but I get over it pretty quickly. Ms. Carmen and fabulous and cool and all good beans and gravy except for one minor detail. Numero Uno Son hates her guts. Now I know it's just a two year old acting out, cos he misses his "Aunt Wida", but he sure does say the meanest things. Like, "Go away!". "Don't touch me/it/my arm!". Just beastly, I tell you. My heart goes out to her and I pray every night that she's still there when I wake up, because I would have packed my bags and quit by now if I were her.

Well, gotta go do the nursing thing. We'll dialog later,


Modern Mama Diana said...

Found your blog on and this story is pretty funny. Butt cream on the face! Love it! Hope your oldest warms up to your new nanny. :)

PradaPrincipal said...

Hi modern mama! You're a christian too? Then we MUST be fast friends! :) I will check out your blog later. xoxo

inyte said...

shucks i see myself love! thirsty for those sangrias now we should do it again!glad u have not become a boring mama who goes on and on about kids on a nite out
peace love