Monday, March 17, 2008


We were out yesterday, my number 1 son and I, on one of his 'weekend engagements'. This two year old has a more active social calendar than me, I kid you not. But this is only because I am pathetic that way. My girlfriend and I had made plans to go hang out for a little bit in the evening, but after one hour at 'Playwise Kids', it was clear that I was fading fast. Now I see why they say you should have kids early. I am ashamed to admit that we did not hang out - we stayed home and watched 'The incredibles' while drinking rum and cranberry juice. Pathetic, I know. But sometimes you only have enough energy to live for and through your kids. As in if they partied, you partied. If they had a good day, this means you did too. Which brings me to a little girl we met at the party, whom we shall call 'princess'. Princess was all too cute in her white sequined leggings and black velvet 'cheerleaderesque' dress. So cute, I almost took a picture of her myself. But she was so mean, rough and bossy! Yelling and pushing and pointing her finger in my poor little guys face. He kept turning to me with tears in his eyes saying "Mama, she's pushing!'. I knew he wanted to push back and I must admit, I ached for him. But he didn't. Cos 'his mama taught him better than that'. Ooh, Mama proud y'all, mama proud. :) but I totally know how it is for the shoe to be on the other foot, believe me. I have had to reel him in plenty a time, in plenty of situations. But just not this time. So I am taking a bow. Good job, Mama!

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