Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hello Blog, it's me, Prada :)

Monday was a blur. I can barely remember what shoes I wore or what I ate - and for those of you that know me, that is tres big deal. As in my days are pretty much filed away under those two things - I have the summer of the 'over priced (READ:buyers remorse) Tory Burch color-blocked wedges (cough, cough - this summer). The week we had that uh-mazing Pho - yup, that would be this week. And so on and so forth. But Monday was infinitely forgettable, I must say.

My amnesia was probably fueled by a seven day work week and the bone crushing fatigue that comes with the Worker-Mommy-Wife thingy (or WMW as just made up by moi - and yes, i'll be here all week, folks:)). But check this out - I do remember how for 45 minutes or so I whooped it up and pranced around like I hadn't a care in the world with a very special little girl. We did the baby equivalent of swinging from chandeliers, al beit in an extremely bright, primary colored 'crayola-suessish' padded kiddie club enviroment. (Shout out to all the 'My little gyms' out there!)

I drank in her cheeks and sweet smell and bit back my smiles at her ungraceful tumbles, manic crawling spurts and fascination with the mirror. (Already? Oy.)

Like I said, Monday was a bust. Except for this part.

Hug your 'little' today, pp

p.s - I know, I know - proper introduction will be done later. this was just one of those days when my creative smeagol was gonna eat his way out of me if I didn't find on outlet. Hence my first post in like forever.

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