Thursday, August 25, 2011

Not to brag but...

... How did we get SO lucky?

Blessed, more like it. I thank God for these three every day. Nevermind the recession, or the fact that I have not slept past 6am for the last six years. Or the stretch marks. Or the crayon and pencil marks on the sofa and walls. The 2am emergency room huddles are a distant memory when I look at these three.

Ah, how do I love thee (Numero Uno, Monkey boy and La Principessa?)
Let me count the ways.
You are all so alike, yet so different. You feed off each other and make the puzzle complete and perfect. The Trifecta.


You blow my mind (and my eardrums at times). Never mind that, though - hearing is overrated.
Thank you Lord, for these ones! I cannot believe that I got to do this thrice!
loving my 3 musketeers, pp

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