Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Public (Enemy) ahem - School

I am not a snob - far from it, actually. Except for this one thing - a quality education. We can debate this all day long, about if more tuition equals better education and yada yada yada. Of course I realize that it doesn't, but I do know that the test scores and statistics do not lie. And private schools appear to have the upper hand on that one.

Sigh. It is happening to Prada. Numero Uno son is leaving his cocoon of Spanish/yoga/Montessori privateschoolism and entering the big harsh world of public school, riding the bus and lunch rooms. Oh Brother. Now, I wouldn't have that much of problem if this school was highly rated, but on the other hand, I am not freaking out as much because their First grade program and teacher has received best teacher/best program state-wide recognition consistently for years now. So much so that a roll out for First grade in the county is being adopted based on the one this Elementary school already has in place. (This pep-talk is more for me than it is for you, so bear with, please.) Second grade and beyond? Well, keep a-prayin' folks! :)

Ach. The choices we have to make as adults. The guilt that comes with it. Judgments from 'friends' (there is a post in the works on this - watch this space). The emotions - pride at the fact that your baby is growing up, trepidation that he is 'leaving the nest' venturing into this world of six year olds - (they all look so big in comparison!). New faces, new teachers, new parents. New experiences are a cakewalk for me. But I detest the unfamiliar for my baby. Good luck, Numero Uno. It will be well with you. And we're in this together, Prada and her boy.

Le etudiant publique, himself (Disclaimer: Of course this may or may not be real french, i have no idea, quote me at your own risk:))
smooches, PP


Afua said...

Ha I have had similar dialogues with myself on choosing the 'right'schools and have come to the conculsion that the parents have a lot to contribute to their children's education. If you instill the right attitude towards education in them, get to know their teachers and have a study program at home, you can't go wrong even if the school is not the best.
Besides, considering who Numero Uno son's mom is, something tells me he will be just fine, first grade and beyond!

PradaPrincipal said...

Thanks, Afua! So reassuring to know that even in different parts of the world, we battle the same things, you know! I appreciate the vote of confidence. It's all good! :)