Thursday, September 16, 2010

Push Presents

Oh, the controversial 'push presents'. Why should women be 'compensated' for having a baby? Isn't the 'gift of a baby' enough for her? What does the father get for his contribution? Yada, Yada, Yada.
I speak from experience as one who has been there and is firmly 'pro- push presents'. Make that, "pro, pro, pro.'

Here are my answers:

Ofcourse, women CAN'T be compensated for having a baby, even though I think they should be, most definitely. Why? Talk to me after you've done it - I doubt this conversation will be necessary then, though.

Nothing can compare to the 'gift of a baby'. Absolutely nothing. That new baby scent alone is worth its weight in gold. But I fail to see what is wrong with getting even more gold. You know, like the real kind.

Does Dad get- No. He's gotten enough, if you know what I mean. So sue me.

Although I am a die hard 'Pradist', I do not recommend turning one's nose up at the Cartier trinity rolling ring - especially the 'les must de cartier' collection. White, Rose and Yellow interlocking rings on one's right hand are just so... chic. Plus, they are so much fun to play with - that is, if your fingers are not still too fat from pregnancy. Ah, the joys. And they come in the fun red Cartier box, which frankly, is quite refreshing after the sea of tiffany blue boxes, don't you think?

And yeah, that is/was my push present/ birthday present/ anniversary present ( repping 3 decades and 3 babies - You do know there is a recession, right? Combo gifts are the ONLY way to go, trust me). Mama Like. :)

All blinged out, pp

p.s Smooches to SnowCone, for your sweet comment. you are the reason I came out of my hiatus! :)


Miss Moots said...

very nice post, Prada!

Life with Kaishon said...

That is a gorgeous ring. So happy you got something special : ) You deserve it for sure!