Monday, February 22, 2016

Video, Vino, Vamps & the Village

The caption above sums up my weekend highlight reel. 

You see the laughter, the bespoke cocktails, the spread/ hors d'oeuvres. And it was a great time, I'm not denying that- the company was fantastic and we laughed - HARD- way into the night.

                                                      Brooklyn misses brooklyn Cocktail

We got together to see a great indie film 'In The Morning' and we had food, wine, cocktails and open and honest dialog. It was super FUN!

What you don't see though, is the 'village' it took to pull this together.  
You see, when my first guests arrived, I was still sweaty, in my running clothes. They immediately took over, one rinsed wine glasses, another sliced cheese logs and laid out the crackers and fruit.

Amber had generously volunteered to make the two cocktails for all of us and had brought ALL the supplies needed - she even ran out to get ice, so I wouldn't have to! Jam took over oven duties and made sure everything was heated and cooked through. Montrell served wine. Abra bought a cake. Candice loaded my dishwasher afterwards. Everyone showed up, inspite of their other commitments- work, family emergencies, travel.  It was even Lisa's birthday, for crying out loud!

I was able to go upstairs and get ready because these ladies pulled it all together, and looked good doing it too!

So in this post you'll see pictures of my 'highlight reel'. I hope a few of the pictures capture the love and energy that was so strongly present in the room on Saturday, in the form of these ladies. In this 'village'. Good people, good times!

'Surrender' Cocktail

The Vilage

Let's hear it for the village, pp


jamilla said...

you hosted a great event. hate i missed the group pic

PradaPrincipal said...

I appreciate you. I posted our 'usie' because you missed the group picture. Plus, you cute or whatever. :)

rmj said...

Lovely pictures; cool event.

PradaPrincipal said...

Thank you, RMJ! :-)