Friday, February 12, 2016

Losing our Nanny, Finding my Pancake Mojo

Now what do pancakes have to do with losing our nanny? Everything. And, nothing.  See, we have always been blessed to have help.  Live-in help, for all but one nanny.  For ten plus years.  Completely spoiled, I know.

But you see, there is a back story to this. In Nigeria, where I was raised, this is normal. Regular people have nannies, house keepers, house maids, cleaners, chauffeurs, cooks and gardeners. It is so common place, that most of 'the help' has their own 'help'. Besides, I work crazy hours and I have quite the commute. This fabulousness was not happening without a nanny. Grin.

One of our previous nannies before this one started making pancakes for dinner and then 'Pancake Thursday' became a thing in our house. Fortunately, our most recent nanny made a mean pancake - well, more like crepes- she is of Francophone origin and that's what she knew how to make, so we rolled with it. So for six years, pancake Thursday was a thing. It worked for me, one less meal to plan; and for her, one less thing to learn to make. Also, for the kids, because, who doesn't love breakfast for dinner? Much less pancakes, right?

But along the way, we lost something. The thrill dissipated, more pancakes were left uneaten. Principessa even declared one day that she hated pancakes. She didn't, but we were all just a little sick of them, with good reason

Nanny leaves after six, yes, SIX years with us.  There were tears and feelings of misgiving and real fear.  Could I do this? My home had run like a well oiled machine for six years and now I was going to have to take control again. Then again, where was the time???

The first thing I got rid of was 'Pancake Thursdays'. No one missed it, to be honest. I make up the menu as I go, my husband packs them fun, nutritious lunches, the night before. Numero Uno had taken PBJ to school for lunch for years, because, he told the Nanny that was ALL he liked. Of course, she obliged - it was one less thing to think about right? Well, homeboy is eating chicken, cheese and arugula melts on naan bread and LOVING it. I firmly believe that most kids don't really know what they don't like - they just want the familiar.

      My point is, I've had to take charge and I'm loving it! Some days it's still cereal and toast, but some days, like today - it was pancakes. Chocolate chip pancakes*!  I've never seen the kids get dressed so fast to make it to the breakfast table!

Change is good. If I can do it, YOU can do this. I see your nanny and I raise you some pancakes.

*Recipe for Chocolate Chip Pancakes

1. Drive to Giant/grocery store of choice
2. Pick up Krusteaz Pancake mix
3. Drive home
4.Add water to mix
5.Make on griddle

TGIF, pp


jamilla said...

LOVE the recipe. LOL

rmj said...

Hahaha! Love the title. Love the recipe even more! Brave new world. Hang in there; well done.

PradaPrincipal said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jam & RMJ!