Monday, December 22, 2014

A year ago (lazy blogger chronicles)

Wrote this post almost a year ago, but it is still so apt, and I think it is SO good, chicken soup for this mom's soul, if you will. Here goes:

It has been awhile, and I am sorry. Have been so busy living life that I forgot to blog about it. Okay, that's only partially true- there's been instagram and gratuitous likes from instant snaps that tell a story sans the words.  
But I always return to my first love, writing.  This will be short and sweet though, there is life to be lived. :)

So yesterday, while making a gingerbread house with the kids, there was a conversation about abilities or doing some kind of menial work- honestly, I forget right now but I pretty sure it had to do with fixing something.

Monkey boy, my middle son and maybe the most fascinating of my three kids says ' Mom is too beautiful to do that." I burst out laughing but my heart sang a little, I'll admit.  Kids are brutally honest and they say what they feel- it doesn't make it factual, but it is how they feel, for whatever that's worth to you.  And the Principessa chimed in, "Yes, mommy is sooooo beautiful!". And kissed me on my arm spontaneously. I think I physically started glowing at that point.  My eldest, and arguable my most critical child, in his eight year old wisdom said "Well..." and internally I groaned at the impending vibe kill, that I just knew was coming - "Mom is more beautiful than the average woman." Trifecta.  My soul was beaming-  not out of vanity, but just knowing the the three people I love probably the most in this world thought that of me.  I hope hubby was taking notes. :)

I woke up this morning, unruly hair and undereye circles down to my chin, but gosh darn, if I don't feel like Heidi Klum.  Beautiful.

Merry Christmas, pp


Anonymous said...

This touched my heart and made me laugh at the same time. Kids are the BEST!

PradaPrincipal said...

I know, kids ALWAYS get it right! Thanks for stopping by!

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