Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kiwi Crate

This is not a sponsored post - but I will sing their praises for free.  With three kids, aged 4 through 9, it is a great thing when I can get a quality product that is delivered to my doorstep and actually delivers on what it promises!

First off, getting mail is a big thing for my kids- getting a package mailed to them made me mother of the year!  They come in sturdy, nice kiwi green boxes, addressed to the child ( or children) you specify- and get this, you can add on a sinling or sinlings for just $10 exyra.  Win-win!
Filled with lots of great activities and quality materials- Fiskar scissors! Elmer glue!  The photos below were from our June or July crate - the theme was campfires.  They got stuff to make a faux mini campfire, 'marshmellows' and drawstring bags.  They also had notepads and stickers for their scavenger hunt.  Fun, fun, fun!
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