Monday, January 5, 2015

Of Bird nests and kids: Life Lessons

Hello, Fashionable ones! :)
Happy New Year!  To think that I started this blog almost 7 years to the day - right before my precious second son- fondly referred to as 'Monkey boy' was born.
 How apt that this 'lesson' is brought to you courtesy of my smart, inquisitive, old soul little man.

I stumbled upon an empty, teeny tiny birds nest yesterday - it was upside down, on the lawn, in the frigid cold.  I decided to bring it in, certain Monkey Bou, my budding scientist and nature boy would be excited.  His response was a shrug, and when I asked why he wasn't more excited, he said, "I was- but the moment has passed." LOL!  I was taken aback but inspired a little. Milk the moment, for sure,  but it is also totally okay to let it go when 'the moment has passed' for you.  No need to drum up emotion for anything. He TOLD me!

Reactions from my other kids, equally as cute and totally reflective of their individual personalities:
Numero Uno son (9): "what if the mother comes back to look for the nest? I think you should have left it there.'

Principessa (4): "Aw. I feel sorry for the egg!"

Here is the nest- shot twice - once on island and the other on a white sheet of paoer for contrast.  And a third time with a filter.  Because, clearly, I have nothing better to do than take pictures of random nests.

Let it go, pp


rmj said...

Amen to that. 'The Gift of Goodbye,' as TD Jakes would say.

PradaPrincipal said...

Yes!! Good ol' TD Jakes!